The Big Budget Breakdown

As you probably would have figured, Jo and I are in a contest. And initially one of the conditions were that we style 3 looks with the given budget of $500. (Midway, the organizers did away with this rule.)

But perhaps its my position as a Finance Secretary in school that compels me to declare and be uber transparent about my expenses for this competition.

So below is a breakdown of my budget and expenses for each week’s look.


With regards to budgeting, my strategy was to equally divide $500 by 3 and set aside that amount for each look. (NOTE: I do not factor in the cost of the featured item since it is pre-determined and given before-hand)

So that equates to $166.67 per look. Which isn’t a lot really.


In total, I spent $458.40 although because I recycled some of the items, each looks amounts to more.

Factoring in the repeats, my total expenses come up to $493.30.

$6.70 under budget.  (:

Personally, I think it is a flaw to do away with a budget limitation. My thoughts are that the competition would have a tendency to favour a person who was willing to splurge more of their own moolah. Cos you can buy nicer stuffs from Topshop and the like if moneh isn’t a factor.

And maybe, this will be where I lose out. For not sticking to mass market/big name/household brands. And being so cheapo with my purchases.

But at least, I like what I have put together for you to view (and vote! tehehes)

Hope you like it too. (: