LG GD900 Crystal

At CommunicAsia 2009, Jo and I had the opportunity to meet



The LG GD900 Crystal face-to-face. (:

Her reputation certainly preceded her.  And before being introduced, I had heard…

about her style and svelte figure,

about her fun-filled and vibrant personality, and

about her enviable combination of both beauty and brains.

She certainly blew me away with her multitude of talents and skills.

I admire her 8 Megapixel camera and tempered-glass slide-down touchpad. And not forgetting her ever-so-approachable touchscreen and outstanding memory. In addition, she knows how to balance work and play, with built-in games as well as MS Office & PDF document viewing capabilities. I like!

What struck me most during our little heart-to-heart, was the ‘crystal’ pad. Because not only does it function as a keypad, it also doubles as a mouse pad to allow for easy navigation to icons without leaving the usual unsightly fingerprints on the screen.

Molesting the crystal clear touchpad is SO much more fun! Seriously!

Gesture shortcuts, a key feature – allowing me to trace a symbol on the touchpad and immediately direct me to the linked widget, was such a fresh idea that it took me some time to warm up to it. Now, my interest is piqued and I’m dying to use it!

Alas, my current mobile doesn’t have such capabilities… ):

Having met, I’d really like the GD900 Crystal to be a more significant part of my life, instead of just hi-bye friends.

I’m so sure we could be BFFs! (We are like totally on the same wavelength, yo!)

And YOU could help Wottoncool win an LG GD900 Crystal!

All you have to do is vote for our photo

Sarah and Jo

You can cast your vote on the Facebook Group: Get Creative with the LG GD900 Crystal!

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Any votes in our favour would be greatly appreciated 😀


If we win, Jo and I will have to flip for it

Because they will only give one phone to the person(s) in the winning photo :/

(Damn Economic Crisis!!!)