One way, or another,

I’m gonna find ya, I’m gonna getcha getcha getcha getcha

Photography: Chiehshen Koo
Make-up: Praveena M.
Models: Jolene Huang, Lynette Toh
Additional assistance: Michelle Chow

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Some mistakes and many things I can improve on.. my list can fill up an A4 sheet, but WHO CARES IT WAS VEHR NAISE AND FUN 😀 I will bother myself with the details if we decide to do another of this.. Anybody got too much time on their hands? 😀

621,600,489,746 thanks and <3<3<3 to Shen, Prav, Jolene, Lynette and Mich.

Heavy metal never dies.

Heavy metal never dies. And liquid metal doesn’t seem to wanna melt away either..


Mere mortals experience liquid metal in pretty flat textures (although the sheen gives it an added dimension). But special people get special treatment in the form of specially treated fabrics.



You’ll still sparkle in the shade.

This editorial makes a great play of light and shade/shadow.



I especially love this pleated one. So decadent.


From Harper’s Bazaar April 2009 – Flashes of Brilliance

From foto_decadent