Hansel’s new home

Walking into hansel’s new home in Mandarin Gallery #02-14 is kinda like walking into a fantasy dollhouse. Incredibly made up with everything hand-drawn, it’s cute and kitschy, but so well executed, grown women who are really adoring fans of the 7-year-old label buy the heartfelt effort hook, line and sinker.

The floor-to-ceiling sharpie on paper drawings and props make you wanna linger, and try just about everything on the sales floor, especially pieces from the current season, which you saw here.

My favourite of all – a long-sleeved laced sweater priced at S$129, also available in a sleeveless top and short-sleeved dress. Love the contrasting black and cream! I’m thinking if it were to be all cream, it might be granny, not girly.

Annddd….. The ballooons!!!!!!!!! They’re stuck to the ceiling!!!!!!! How cute is thatt????????

Sigh. I wanna redecorate my room like that, just that nothing really functions.

Also in store are adorable knick-knacks like eyeglasses cards and yummy accessories set on exquisite hand-drawn paper silverware.

Like Laila of Rock the Trend tweeted, hansel is kinda like Singapore’s Moschino – quirky and girly all at the same time. You can see that in designer, Jo Soh herself, and her fans as well!

From left to right, myself, Qin (Qin at the Disco), X-wen (Fash Eccentric), and Dottie (D for Dot) (who was also guest-tweeting for Mandarin Gallery that night).

Sooo here’s my suggested itinerary for this weekend: First to Mandarin Gallery for Hansel, then to Topshop Knightsbridge just across the road. Yeap that should busy you for most of the afternoon. Don’t bring your boyfriend along, unless he’s very patient and also The One… who pays for your shopping! 😛

Lily the Lady

Happy Sunday to you! Hope your weekend has been well so far… anyway,

Have you met Lily? Oh no? Here let me introduce. Apparently she’s always in lace and eye glasses (see that layered lace capelet??), which is cute and alluring. But I’m kinda more interested in the non-lace pieces that she wears.

Like these diagonal-striped cardigans and cardigan-dresses that are actually in a zig-zag print. Looks awesome under some solid khaki.

The lace, eyeglasses and the whole collection will be at hansel’s birthday party at their new home in Mandarin Gallery. You could join us at the party if you join our giveaway, right here!

[Giveaway] Hansel is 7!

Hansel is 7 this year! It hardly seems so because every season feels fresh. The store is moving to Mandarin Gallery come December, and that calls for a biggg birthday party!!!!!!

To qualify, you have to like us on Facebook and follow us on Twitter (@wearewottoncool).

Write us your wittiest, cleverest, cutest birthday wish for hansel, and one winner (picked by designer Jo Soh) will receive a new limited edition hansel t-shirt to commemorate the occasion, and invitation for two to attend the VIP + Media preview party at hansel’s new shop on Friday, 3rd December.

Enter this into the comments, together with your name, email address, twitter username, and click the “Say It!” button.

Giveaway closes on 2359h, Monday, 30th December 2010. Go!

Katy Perky

Katy Perry gate-crashed a prom party in Melbourne, and all she did in Singapore was sit on a float in the middle of a swimming pool during a press conference? Okay that was pretty cool, getting journalists into the water and all.

Though there, she brought a bit of Singapore away with her, in her adorable sequinned polka-dot bustier dress from hansel (now on sale for S$271.20), also available in a top ($191.20).

I kinda like that her boobs and curviness do justice to the dress. Makes the model in the webstore and campaign pics look malnourished and also makes me wanna go nom nom, HAHA.

Picture credits to here.

Hansel Retro Spec

Singapore label, Hansel, is holding a retrospective party

Friday, 19 March 2010
(which is like today!)

And the five fastest-fingers-first(!) fabulous Wottoncool readers get invites for 2 (each) to the party :D!

Change your plans. Be there!

All ya gotta do to be on the guestlist is:

Email your full name, contact and email address to wottoncool@gmail.com with the title ‘Wottoncool – Hansel Retrospec Party Invites Please!!!’.

When you’ve gotten your confirmation email reply.

Help yourself to free beer as you oogle at Hansel’s past collections, chronologically showcased on the shop wall.

And mentally kick yourself that you never knew about her past collections and don’t own any pieces and can only oogle and take photographs as keepsake. hahas.

Look out for:

My favourite collection postcard of all time: “Criss-Cross Boy Loves Plain Jane.”

This postcard really makes me smile everytime. (: The taglines and accompanying image fit so well dontcha think?

He liked her simplicity.
She fell for his lines.

Get it?! (: hahas.

Ok. Annoying Orange moment.

Be sure to befriend the giant robot in the shop.


(Check out the discount rack! 😀 )

B THR OR B [ ]


Place: House, 8D Dempsey Road
Date: 21st September (Monday – Public holiday)
Time: 1pm to 7pm
How to get here:
There will be 4 shuttle buses (45 pax) from the Thai Embassy beside Lido (Orchard) to House Dempsey.

The flea is actually on 20th and 21st September, but WOTTONCOOL (aka Jo and Sarah), will only be there on 21st September, 1 – 7 pm.

We bring the spirit of our favourite $1 thrift/charity store to you so that you can enjoy some awesome $1 goodness! (or maybe $2, but still, STEAL OKAY????)

Expect shooz (mostly size 39/40), clothes, (variable S/M/L), bags, accessories, and maybe some stuff for the guys too!

More “designer” stuff like Hansel, Baylene, Munk will be very affordably priced from $30 onwards, which is about 90% off the original price?!?!?!??!

Cash only! Unless you have a Donna Karan Eldridge bag to swop with Jo..

B THR OR B [ ].

Many have argued about the lack of online shopping in Singapore. The only kind of online shopping you get in Singapore is when you visit overseas sites, ebay, or shop livejournal blogs.

While a lot of that is for vintage, second-hand (What’s with people calling them “pre-loved”? Stop attaching sentimental tags onto clothing that you don’t want! O and btw, if you want my unwanted stuff, go here) high-street stuff.. you can start adding another category into the realm of online shopping in Singapore –

(for lack of a better collocation, any suggestions?) Designer togs!

Few see the need to set up online fronts since Singapore is so small and so accessible within itself. One can get from east to west in an hour by car thanks to the pan-island expressway.

It’s not just labels that are going online, multi-label stores are going online.


  • No good content up on the existing website
    Lookbooks only make you want to know more.
    And how exciting can re-reading the About or Profile of a designer get?
  • Instant gratification
    Lookbooks only make you want to buy stuff.
    To go out and get something you have to wash up, decide what to wear, get changed, put on make-up, decide what shoes to wear, travel, try on for size, travel, whip out your plastic, travel back.
    Buying online shortens it to simply measuring for size, then whipping out your plastic. Woot.
  • Rents are going up
    I’m assuming that it’s cheaper to maintain a website here. And that industrial/factory/office space is obviously more affordable than retail space.
  • Another spot for past-season items
    While we customers like a perennial sale, it doesn’t look good for the shop to have a year-round sale. Plus I think a lot of brands/boutiques try to make their stuff (or coerce you into thinking that they are) trans-seasonal so you get more bang for your buck.

Anyway, less of my useless deduction – I shall point you in the way of the newfangled online shops in Singapore

reebonz (email us if you want an invite!)





frufru & tigerlily
(I’m not sure if they’re updated at all.. because I remember seeing the designs a year ago)

(They’re closed! But for remembrance sake..)
vice & vanity


reckless ericka

oneandahalf @ shopnation
(coming to our shores so soon that I’m hyperventilating..)

Anymore to add?