Lanvin for H&M needing more love in Japan

The fashion community waited with baited breathe when news first broke about the H&M and Lanvin collaboration. And there was near pandemonium when the collection was first available for purchase online, overloading the server bandwidth and all the technical schzam that I shan’t frazzle my fringe in.

On my recent trip to Tokyo, I was shocked but sadistically overjoyed to see a contented shopper leaving the Ginza district outlet with her very own ‘H&M ❤ Lanvin’ bag tucked under her slender arm. Closer investigations into the store confirmed my hunch as I found signature pieces lined obediently in rows, awaiting my thorough inspection.

Usual suspects were present – overpriced accessories and shoes that would eat your heart for dessert. But, rather unexpectedly, high rollers such as the signature red tulle tutu dress and yellow ruffle toga dress were also rounded up in this raid.

Conversations in the interrogation room did not reveal much and without a confession, I found it hard to post bail for this baby. But if you are convinced of her innocence, by all means, Japan still has sizes!

Swedish and delish #1: Triwa

Everyone I know who’s ever been to Sweden, loves Sweden. Who doesn’t love their Ikea, Daim, H&M, dark denim or their handsome, tall and blonde nation? Sadly it took me about two months after my trip to realise that there is more to this section of Scandinavia than just collapsible furniture, toffee chocolate and countless denim die-hards. But! In my defense, I steered away from expensive items and was only there for two days.

So this is the first of a (yet-to-be-determined-number) part series.

Here is Triwa, a three-year-old company that churns out serious time pieces that look more like fun accessories. Their Autumn/Winter 2010 harks Back in the U.S.S.R. (reference to a song by The Beatles about a flight from Miami to the U.S.S.R.) to with chunky but lightweight military-styled watches.

Fortunately we’re all over and done and over with the khaki and and olive hues that has been plastered over all things said to pay tribute to the armed forces. And since the collection sorta has a aviation edge to it, it’s covered in funky cool blue hues that you can’t quite put a name to. Slate blue? Greyish turquoise? Violent (yes violeNt) purple?

Best thing is, they don’t cost a bomb. These new colours just disembarked in Singapore last week and are going for S$230-285 at these local boutiques.

Who is eyeing what? And…. have you got any other secret Swedish favourites? Spill! I’d love to know more.

(But meatballs not counted.)

Picture credits to here.

[Spotlight] UK will never sleep again

And neither will we.

The heavens have heard our prayers. Now let us take a moment of silence to take this all in…

We can shop H&M UK Online from 16 September 2010! All you have to do is sign up for their newsletter, and if you’re based in Singapore, use a Vpost or Comgateway to forward your shopping parcel back home.

Omg omg omg omg!

And then, we also have Alexa Chung for Madewell, finally online. Luscious blouses, cute jackets and skinny jeans, you can finally steal her easy vintage style here, though not without forking out at least US$78 for a pair of denim shorts.

Picture credits to here and here.


I’m under the impression that large, bulbous things will mask even larger bulbous things (ie me and my newly enlarged self from non-stop gorging. I think I waste a lot of calories on bad food..).

But I think wrong.

Nonetheless, I love this black cardigan I got from H&M with sleeves that look like it’s breeding tumour cells.


Oops, sorry for the un-rotated pics.

When I got it, I was thinking maybe the volume on the sleeves will give an illusion that the bulk is you know… just the sleeves! Lol.

I’m still not sure about that but I lurve how it feels and how cute it looks. I feel like I can house mini hamsters (yes I know they’re already mini) hording food in their cheeks. Aw cute!


Black knit cardigan (with details I find difficult to describe), H&M. Long tank, Topshop. Pannelled jersey skinny pants, H&M. Tie-dye canvas bag, H&M. Yellow cutout shoes, Hong Kong Industrial Centre. Felt and metal findings neck piece, Hong Kong Industrial Centre.

Here’s my nyooly dyed hair, courtesy of my boyfriend! He was totally taken by the Kao Liese bubble/foam hair dye, cos dyes usually come in a thick, repulsive creamy consistency, which isn’t half as fun as this bubbly stuff.

I likey how it turned out. Think I’ll try something redder in a few weeks!

Also, look at the knee patch of the pants! I lurve. It’s got this quilting feel going on, even at the waistband, but I pull my top over to conceal my tum tum. Lol.

Do you feel disturbed when I say things like that?

Too bad!


Reading Bryanboy (I’m one of those blog lurkers when I’m not doing the blogging..) introduced me to a plethora of super vivid vocabulary – ones that you have never been taught to spell but so often harbour the truer essence of its meaning.

Example: WERQ!

Lemme tell you, you’re never really working, putting enough effort, until you WERQ, yo!

O btw, that’s so the total opposite of me right now.

On a totally unrelated note (unless.. you wish to find the connection), here’s a picture of me on the light rail in Hong Kong trying to pull off my nyoo Ray Bans and Clarks Wallabees.


Light pink grosgrain mesh top, H&M. Light grey self-tie long tank, Nicholas. Pannelled jersey skinny pants, H&M. Beige suede low cut Wallabees, Clarks.

The sunnies are shaped like wayfarers, just without the chunky plastic frame, and a bit ring of silver at the temple. I never know that silver thing was that prominent until I saw my pictures.

And next up, my wallabees in beige suede, cut lower than the normal one. I was kinda drawn to it cos it reminded me of my Sperry’s, and it was beige, and it wasn’t cut too high to make my calves look like chunkier lotus roots than they already are..

PLUS PLUS PLUS, the sole is a whole inch and a half thick so it gives me more height, tee hees! :O


happy surprised excited omgwtfbbq face

O btw my hair is longer now too. It is in the in-between, omg-I-want-to-cut-but-I-must-prevail! length.


Matthew Williamson for H&M

First, there was the collab with Comme des Garcons,



Now H&M collides with Matthew Williamson to give us slurp-worthy eye candy!


The collection was released yesterday, 23 April 2009. And the blow-by-blow account of sales at the Eaton Centre outlet by is hilarious!

4.30 am: … They are shopping for the daughter, her instructions: “Whatever you can get.”

9.25 am: Stephen Thompson, owner of a construction company, is shopping on his wife’s behalf. No one tells him he is too far back in the line. No one tells him it is hopeless.

10.00 am: People grab merchandise indiscriminately – by the armloads.

10.02 am: Two minutes after opening, the cash registers ring in the first item of the day. Seconds later the racks are bare.

10.03 am: Things get physical. The shouter pulls the pregnant woman’s hair before storming off. Pregnant woman shouts: “Oh no, you did not just pull my hair!” Hair puller responds: “Well, you scratched me first.” I edge toward the security guard.

10.09 am: A group of women are found huddled in the menswear department, bartering their pile of items.

10.30 am: Staff paste a sign on the store’s window announcing part two of the Matthew Williamson collection will hit stores May 14.


For the full article, click here.

Peacocks and butterflies are the obvious sources of inspiration. The explosion of colour, peacock feather motifs and butterfly prints are obvious hints.

Silk, seems to be a fitting fabric of choice, enhancing the brilliantly psychedelic colour palette chosen by designer, Matthew Williamson.

My personal favs from this exclusive capsule collection include:



Silk Print Dress, HKD $2990. (S$580)
Cropped Sleeve Leather Jacket, HKD $1990. (S$380)



Silk mix electric blue suit. Blazer, HKD $990 (S$190). Pant, HKD $699 (S$135).

Although I am not sure what occasion, I’d wear it to.. I like it a lot!



Sequin Dress, HKD $1490 (S$290). Studded belt, HKD $ 399 (S$80).

I like this dress and belt combo best!! I’d wear it everyday. (or at least till it starts to smell 😀 hehes.)

(All Singapore Dollar conversions from the listed Hong Kong Dollar prices are based on estimates provided by this website.)

Since, I’m not in Hong Kong (or physically near any other H&M outlet) and that the collection is probably also sold out and culminated with the fact that I have a serious wallet deficit after my Aldo splurge, these items all fall very nicely into my imaginary closet.

Paid for with my imaginary money. *sigh*. :/

Click here to view the full collection.

Romancing Me

You can almost feel spring tease your senses in these..







No wait, TEASE WHAT SENSES?!?!?!


Will my hair grow out by next year? Cos bouncy curls and big voluminous jackets look so good together.


Comme des Garcons for H&M comes to Singapore!

For all of you who didn’t manage to catch any Comme des Garcons for H&M action, the good people at DRESSCODE have braved the wind and rain, ploughed through the crowds, and made it back to Singapore with a few select pieces!


I did some homework. (I wish I could say the same about my school work HAHA.) I called them up immediately to find out what they were bringing in.

They’ve got the drop crotch pants, large polka dot cardigan, pencil skirt and pleated skirt, the side zip jacket (sadly that’s the only jacket they snapped up), the dress (!!! but it’s going for over a thousand buckaroos), the polka dot shirt, plain shirt, high waist cropped pants and I can’t remember what else. You go do some legwork!

I hear most pieces are in UK10/12 (which is MY size HAHA) so.. unlucky you, if you’re slim and skinny 😛

Prices start from SGD100.

I was gonna keep this to myself, because who wants to share a queue?!?!?! Or excluuuusive pieces from this line without booking an air ticket?

I’ll still be going down, but just to survey the pieces. I got received my white frilled long sleeve blouse from an ebay seller today and I’m very very pleased with it 😀

DRESSCODE is located at The Cathay #01-07, and they will be open from 12 noon on 28 November (which is when they will “launch” the collection in their boutique). See you fellow mad mall rats there!

Comme des Garcons for H&M

Open letter to be read between the lines, lol.

(person who lives near any of the H&M locations below)
I’ve been wanting a pen pal from the US for the longest time
(ever since this CDG for H&M collection was announced)
Have you wanted a pen pal from Asia?
(Exotic eh? I’m sure you have!)
If you love art and design and fashion, we could be best friends forever
(especially if you get me the deconstructed drop crotch pants and jacket for me)
We’d have so much to talk about we’ll thank god for the internet cos waiting would be painful!
(No worries I’ll send you the amount via paypal for sure)
Maybe you’ll be so anxious to exchange emails with me you’d be on a Blackberry
(waiting even more excitedly outside H&M before 13 November to get me those pants)
I’ll be awaiting your reply!
(but meanwhile I’ll just let you know that I usually fit US8, so quick grab and score!)
❤ Jo

The jacket and pants I’m almost willing to lose an arm and leg over:

This must be oddball madness – lots of drop crotch, crazy in-your-face polka dots, deconstructed and misplaced elements. Omg I’m in Singapore, but I feel it now! I need it now!

Make sure you get a piece of the action on 13 November!

New York:
435  7th Avenue at 34th Street
1328 Broadway at 34th Street (Herald Square)
640 5th Avenue at 51st Street
731 Lexington Avenue at 59th Street

Los Angeles:
5200 Beverly Center

West Hollywood:
8580 Sunset Blvd.

San Francisco:
150 Powell Street

840 North Michigan Avenue

I wish my mum was still in Chicago!

No, seriously, can we work out a way for me to get those pants?



Edited to add:

L: White/Black Polka Dot Scarf HK$599, Blue/White Polka Dot Top HK$699, Blue/White Polka Dot Cardigan HK$299, Black Wool Shorts HK$499
R: Red/White Polka Dot Wool Cardigan HK$699, Black Wool Tuxedo Coat HK$990, Black Pants HK$599, Bag HK$699

Does this convince you? It totally works for me!

Also via

[Travel] Itinerarararararary!

Come Wednesday, I will be embarking on a three hour journey to the land of massive, intrusive, in-your-face, overwhelming, but at the same time, spectacular advertising, cramped spaces, long outdoor escalators, a jumble of multicultural space… a land of thick juicy and fatty char siew (I can imagine Sarah recoiling in a corner!), smooth slippery lai fun, thick, meaty, savory roast goose, a myriad of mini servings of snacks called dim sum, and also, AJ!@HDOSA(#KSNASHDJSASHOPPING!!!ALS!EI)A@UFHAKS#^

I have effectively 6 days overseas, cos I’m leaving at 11am on the 7th day. And I might be spending one day each at Macau and Shen Zhen, so that might make it just 4 days in Hong Kong itself

I’ve been looking at the archives of I Love Kyurii, Susie Bubble and Nitrolicious for some ideas, cos they seem to have something to do with Hong Kong, and of course the usual touristy websites that pop up in almost all of my searches.

Here is a mini itinerary so that I get the best of the best in Hong Kong

Day 1
New Territories – Yuen Long
Visit some of my boyfriend’s relatives and check in in our super cheap and spacious hotel
Tour the place a bit
Maybe go to HK Island at night to visit the Peak

Day 2
Kowloon/Mong Kok/Tsim Sha Tsui
Visit this wholesale shopping centre with lots of cheap goodies
Look for electronics stuff with boyfriend
Visit some shopping centres
Buy half of whatever’s on display at Uniqlo, lol
Temple Street Night Market

Day 3
Hong Kong Island – Central/Causeway Bay/Wan Chai
H&M in Central – buy everything I see, HAHAHA
Sneaker Street?
Small quaint shops with cute stuff

Day 4
Basically R&R
Looking forward to this biergarten in Murray House

Day 5/6
Macau/Shen Zhen
if not repeat any of the above.

I feel Day 3 is kinda ambitious, heh. Any suggestions?

If you’re wondering why I’m so crazy about Uniqlo and H&M, its because they have not reached our shores, and we can’t access them online! ):

I feel that I neeeedddd more to do over there!! Fill me in!

AND YAY EXAMS ARE OVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

(Jo dances)