Cottonfields Crush

Random blog surfing is a dangerously addictive thing, especially as project deadlines loom and examinations are a stone’s throw away. But good things are so worth sharing and Daily Dream Daily Doodle has the most beautiful jewelery drawing inspiration from cottonfields.

These earrings are a beautiful juxtaposition of metalware and cottonball-softness. I haven’t quite figured out what material the ‘cotton’ is made from but that’s irrelavant when I think about how beautiful they are.

Just staring at them makes me smile (:

The designer, Derya, has an etsy site which states that she’s currently on an Istanbul hiatus (aka holiday). But I hope she’ll be back soon with more beautiful designs to share.

In the meantime, oogling will have to do.

Seductive Shiny Squirrel

My friend introduced me to Shiny Squirrel (while we ought to have been studying or paying attention or doing something other than blog surfing).

And if you ever need eye-candy to scroll through, VISIT.THIS.PLACE.

And alluring as the pictures are, when I visit the site that is not the thing that really gets me hooked.

Instead, its the ever-so-succinct and minimalist one-liners that say it all…

These leggings.

Marc Monzo.

Love this look.

Ann & Tura Kenny.

Love this look.

Absolutely everything about this photo.

Intentional or otherwise,

The minimalist feel coupled with the links galore and simplistic tags and categories…

Evoke a feeling that I could spend my whole life or a lazy afternoon, sipping tea and immersing myself in this Shiny Squirrel web of links and beautiful images.

Without saying very much, you get a sense of Shiny Squirrel’s style, muses, inspirations and loves.

I’ve found myself another blog to follow (:

25 Feet!

Inspired by Fashion Nation, I have pulled out my shoes (old and new), arranged them in rows, categorized them, and snapped away!!

My slipper/sandals. (The back row is neglected, I never wear them out)

Sneakers/Shoes. (the spectrum ranges from Super-worn to Super-New.. can you guess which ones??)

Flats. yeapss, thats all. two. (unless you count the ones i use for work?!)

Covered-toe heels. (I notice tt I gravitate towards brown shoes..) My only pair of wedges and boots.

Peep-toe/Strappy Heels. I dont wear them out often, but I’m gonna try.

Shoes that I un-earthed today. (that i used at some point in time, perhaps 5 years ago)

Shoes that i hardly (if ever) wear. (would anyone give a good home to the beige slippers with beading details?)

And even though high heels hurt, I (obviously) have a weakness for them. (:

I must wear my ‘un-loved’ shoes more!!! I MUST!

One neat (knit) jacket

Earlier this year, Jo and I attended Blueprint 2008 during the Singapore Fashion Festival 2008.

During that show, there was a scarf with pockets.

Photo from here

I thought it was such a neat concept.

Then recently, my sister went to Indonesia and got this jacket.

The way it looks from the front, made me think of that scarf.. This jacket with pocket details AND a hood is super cool.

COOLEST about it though…

thats the back (or lack thereof) !!!

Just thought i’d share it with everyone (:

Seeing Red

Sarah loved the lady with the red bicycle frame and red tights (as in Jo’s bicycle post)

so much that she got

A pair of red flats from Andre Valentino @ the Robinson’s Sale.

Its my first non-neutral coloured pair of shoes and I’m EXCITED!! (even though I’m a bit apprehensive of what to match them with) I can’t wait to experiment!! 😀