NEXT Please! II

Have you heard of the jingle “I am slowly going crazy, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, SWITCH! – Crazy going slowly am I,6, 5, 4, 3, 2, 1, SWITCH!”? It kinda goes on and on and drives me and the people around me insane. I’ll sing it to you the next time.

Anyhoo, Terry Yeo’s label is called ForInsaneHuman. So it must be meant for me. Even though it’s menswear. I. Need.

Who da man.

There’s a certain allure about a white-out. Your eyes kinda just zoom into the details – like the overlapping fabrics of varying translucence and the knitted ropes draped all over..

Lookie it fits me so swell! (and also induces a spurt of cheesy grins and overall happy dayz.)

I think this might be the first booth I scoot to in Parco’s Fashion Incubator. I chope!

Knit & Weave

My recent tower of essays, reports and word limits due in school for various deadlines make me one of few words, but not too few to tell you how much I’m in love with weaves and knits.



Wear & Tear Weaving Tape Necklace, USD82


Wear & Tear Weave Leather & Brass Tape Necklace, USD82


Wear & Tear Weave Tape Suede Bracelet, USD55

Could I make these on my own?

I recently followed camille’s tutorial on making a shredded tee, partly due to a school project on new retail concepts and something to do with modifying basic clothing items. I think stretchier knits produce a nicer shredded effect.


I must say that I’m quite pleased with the result and I was extremely fascinated with how the thread runs and loops and makes all these squiggly lines. This probably contributed to my sudden weave/knit/crochet obsession.



Daydream Nation Multi Colour Yarn Crochet Link Necklace, USD140


Daydream Nation Wool Crochet Collar Necklace, USD139

This may sound strange to you, but I feel so gratified just looking at a nice, generous, thick, decipherable pattern of different materials. Mmm.

From Pixie Market

One neat (knit) jacket

Earlier this year, Jo and I attended Blueprint 2008 during the Singapore Fashion Festival 2008.

During that show, there was a scarf with pockets.

Photo from here

I thought it was such a neat concept.

Then recently, my sister went to Indonesia and got this jacket.

The way it looks from the front, made me think of that scarf.. This jacket with pocket details AND a hood is super cool.

COOLEST about it though…

thats the back (or lack thereof) !!!

Just thought i’d share it with everyone (:

Neat Knits

I remember when my godmother used to knit and crochet vest, tops and little pouches for me… when I was in primary school and didn’t feel that I was too cool/grown-up for such things yet (: They came in the sweetest pastels and most intricate of details.

I also remember learning the basic of basics of knitting a year or two ago from my art teacher, together with Pinks…

The only think I don’t remember, is wearing them recently! recently featured Nina, who just has a knack at wearing knits! She doesn’t wear just one knitted piece, she wore up to three at a go!

And if you were visualizing a fluffy bubble of some sort

All pictures from

Ah, I shall put my knitwear experiment outfit on hold until the weather decides to be nice to all of us. I’ll just take this time to stock up on knit, heh 😀