Seductive Shiny Squirrel

My friend introduced me to Shiny Squirrel (while we ought to have been studying or paying attention or doing something other than blog surfing).

And if you ever need eye-candy to scroll through, VISIT.THIS.PLACE.

And alluring as the pictures are, when I visit the site that is not the thing that really gets me hooked.

Instead, its the ever-so-succinct and minimalist one-liners that say it all…

These leggings.

Marc Monzo.

Love this look.

Ann & Tura Kenny.

Love this look.

Absolutely everything about this photo.

Intentional or otherwise,

The minimalist feel coupled with the links galore and simplistic tags and categories…

Evoke a feeling that I could spend my whole life or a lazy afternoon, sipping tea and immersing myself in this Shiny Squirrel web of links and beautiful images.

Without saying very much, you get a sense of Shiny Squirrel’s style, muses, inspirations and loves.

I’ve found myself another blog to follow (:

LG GD900 Crystal

At CommunicAsia 2009, Jo and I had the opportunity to meet



The LG GD900 Crystal face-to-face. (:

Her reputation certainly preceded her.  And before being introduced, I had heard…

about her style and svelte figure,

about her fun-filled and vibrant personality, and

about her enviable combination of both beauty and brains.

She certainly blew me away with her multitude of talents and skills.

I admire her 8 Megapixel camera and tempered-glass slide-down touchpad. And not forgetting her ever-so-approachable touchscreen and outstanding memory. In addition, she knows how to balance work and play, with built-in games as well as MS Office & PDF document viewing capabilities. I like!

What struck me most during our little heart-to-heart, was the ‘crystal’ pad. Because not only does it function as a keypad, it also doubles as a mouse pad to allow for easy navigation to icons without leaving the usual unsightly fingerprints on the screen.

Molesting the crystal clear touchpad is SO much more fun! Seriously!

Gesture shortcuts, a key feature – allowing me to trace a symbol on the touchpad and immediately direct me to the linked widget, was such a fresh idea that it took me some time to warm up to it. Now, my interest is piqued and I’m dying to use it!

Alas, my current mobile doesn’t have such capabilities… ):

Having met, I’d really like the GD900 Crystal to be a more significant part of my life, instead of just hi-bye friends.

I’m so sure we could be BFFs! (We are like totally on the same wavelength, yo!)

And YOU could help Wottoncool win an LG GD900 Crystal!

All you have to do is vote for our photo

Sarah and Jo

You can cast your vote on the Facebook Group: Get Creative with the LG GD900 Crystal!

Your vote may come in the form of

a) ‘Likes’-ing our photo
b) Casting your vote under ‘Comments’
c) Casting your vote on the Group’s Wall

Any votes in our favour would be greatly appreciated 😀


If we win, Jo and I will have to flip for it

Because they will only give one phone to the person(s) in the winning photo :/

(Damn Economic Crisis!!!)

Vintage Escada

Just thought I’d share this vintage Escada jacket with everyone.

Probably from the 1980s, this white textured cropped-sleeve jacket with black piping is soooo lust-able!


Furthermore, the flowers that line the piping are individually sewn vinyl flower cutouts with a white bead centre as an accent.

No doubt some flowers have lost petals over time, and some flowers lost altogether…


I love it!

Even if it belongs to my friend. )):

Wish the Boyfriend’s mom would have clothes like these to give away! 😀

Fierce Shoes

If you’ve been lusting for a fierce shoes, a pair or two…



Head down to ALDO!



Till Sunday (29 March 2009), they are having a special STOREWIDE discount (!) of 20% off for purchases above $180.

(I know the Raffles City outlet is having this promotion)

Click here for details on Store Locations.

Now, if only I had the cash to buy the pair I’m eyeing…


Meet  Maune  ((((:

These suede lace-up wedges *swoons* hello?! heaven with heels! <3!

They remind me of Ann Demeulemeester shoes always surfacing on Sea of Shoes (here, here and here)

Even with the discount, they are $244!!!


Wishing for angel investors to sponsor her Maunes


Breakfast with Giraffes

About a month ago, the boyfriend went to Bangkok, Thailand as a post-NS-weekend-long party with the Boys.

He managed to squeeze in some shopping time. And amongst other things, got for me picture-004

Giraffe-print Pyjamas!!!


And wearing PJs like that while pigging out on


A MOUNTAIN of blueberry jam, fresh plums and MORE blueberries atop a pancake and drizzled with honey(!!!) makes me feel as though my mid-term week-long break did not just whiz by as quickly as it did.

Dashing and daring, Courageous and caring!

If and/or when you are in Perth,

you must try

Ye Olde Lolly Shoppe Gummy Bears!

They are the juiciest, yummiest gummy bears! ❤

Unlike other gummies, each colour has a distinctly different flavour! (:

A 150g pack costs AU$3.75 (according to their website, here. and they seem to have more outlets. YAY!!)

(and dont use my picture as an estimate of 150g, i’ve eaten half the contents already)

The store is FILLED with vintage candy and biscuit tins (as decoration) and a very wide selection of candy. (think Harry Potter when he first stepped onto Diagon Alley)

when i was there, earlier this year, my friends and i spent who-knows-how-long looking through all the shelves of candy. It was there that they found out that i’m very fussy when it comes to candy. (it must be clear, not opaque. It can’t have sugar on it, unless its sour apple strips. It cant have a hole, can’t be string-line, i.e. gummy worms) the only exception are apple rings. but other than that, i only eat gummy bears, blackberry & raspberry gums and cola bottles. (crazy! i know (: hehes )

Moral of the story: if you are anal-retentive (like me) about your candy, stick to the tried and true (:

But if you are not, by all means, go ahead and try all the kooky stuff the store has to offer!

P.S. thank you Carol and Cheryl! (who paid a disproportionate amount of money to send me a pack) it made my day. (((:

One neat (knit) jacket

Earlier this year, Jo and I attended Blueprint 2008 during the Singapore Fashion Festival 2008.

During that show, there was a scarf with pockets.

Photo from here

I thought it was such a neat concept.

Then recently, my sister went to Indonesia and got this jacket.

The way it looks from the front, made me think of that scarf.. This jacket with pocket details AND a hood is super cool.

COOLEST about it though…

thats the back (or lack thereof) !!!

Just thought i’d share it with everyone (: