Sneak peek

Max Tan treated us to a sneak peek of his upcoming Spring Summer collection after the Parco next-Next fashion show two weeks ago and we were all over the new garments.

You know he never disappoints, and as we were acquainted with the new rack, we set our eyes on this soft grey melange top-and-skirt ensemble:

The subtly paneled top ends with a circle of folds, and then integrates seamlessly into the heavily draped skirt. I have no words.

Here’s a mind-teaser/mind-boggling piece – a dress that melds into a rectangular skirt when held up. How is such an idea conceived? How does that even happen? My mind is blown. (Or I am stupid.)

Max Tan

There’s been a bit of buzz about how the US$ and AUS$ are now on par. But when you are poor, nothing changes that fact. So when Jo and I visited Max.Tan’s store at Parco, tempted as I was to try stuff on… I had to resist for fear of my accounts being in the reds.

While waiting for Jo to try on some designs, this look (below) caught my eye. Oozing casual comfort and uber effortless style: Vest + Jumper combo. MEGA LIKE!

Good thing it wasn’t in stores yet!

I must resist the retail therapy bug.
I must resist the retail therapy bug.
I must resist the retail therapy bug.

Or shouldn’t I? 😀

Young & Restless

Anytime you need to be inspired, you should be visiting Test Shoot Gallery. Headed by creative director and stylist, Ashburn Eng, the man himself is boundless energy. And he channels this energy to good use in his new collaboration with local designer, Max Tan.

Young & Restless, designed by Ashburn for Max Tan’s principle line, is the product of their shared aesthetics. The first collection, Ritual, is conservative Amish-meets-military-meets superwoman. Who would have thought you’d see these words in the same sentence?

The pieces are drenched in shades of deep, almost thought-provoking blue. The maxi skirt-pants are the most genius of all. I’ve just cleared out a spot in my wardrobe between my dresses and dress pants just for this baby.

I think this duo can do no wrong. Ashburn and Max – please stay young and restless.

Visit the maxtan store in Level 2 of Parco in Milennia Walk for Young & Restless.

Picture credits to here.

Against all odds

Max Tan had “androgyny meets geometry” in mind for his newest collection, Against, but the clothes and photos don’t seem much hermaphroditic – save for the fact that it’s Luth who lent his sharp, angular features and fluid movements to the campaign.

All I can say are that these tailoring-wrong-made-right pieces have a mind-blowingly clean, billowing-geometric quality about them. I’m confused as to what other adjectives to use.

My vocabulary shrinks when I see something so awesome it kills me. So I leave you with: Too gorgeous.

Visit the maxtan store in Level 2 of Parco in Milennia Walk.

Picture credits to here.

Blueprint Emporium – Parco Next Next

According to their website: “Blueprint is a fashion trade platform for East-West exchange. Specialised in formal wear, contemporary clothing, accessories and jewellery, Blueprint is curated to present the most exciting and export-ready designers and fashion labels from Asia to international buyers, traders, and the fashion media.”

And rightfully so, for the first few days (I can’t recall how many) the trade show was only open to foreign buyers. From speaking with some of the exhibitors, lots of networking, exchanging of namecards and number crunching was done.

Then on the last day, it was open to the public for viewing (and buying *read: DISCOUNTS!!!)

Having just returned from HK, (with much lighter pockets, and probably a bigger butt :/) I was there to browse only and visit Jo!

More about the exhibitors later.

Now, lets focus on the Parco Next Next Showcase.

Sheila Sim was a familiar face.

She opened for Mae Pang, whose collection (if I’m not mistaken) is based on architectural forms.

Bumped into her later on. Haven’t had time to look through her press kit.

But from what was shown, please give her a big fat ‘E’ for ‘Effort’ please. look at all this pleating! (especially the pants!)

Next, Yumumu.

The mix of structure and soft fabrics, I like.

But the asymmetry bugs me a lot. Personal opinion.

Pauline Ning followed suit.

And kudos for the painstaking work put into the panels and cutouts for all the pieces.

I would have cried if I had to do this.

And would have definitely messed the sewing up. Then again, I could make puckering “cool“. Ok. Who am I kidding?!

This dress blew me away. The cutouts on the back. *kowtows.

Next in line, Veliani.

The dark and heavy fabrics distracted me from observing the details. Very Autumn/Winter aka unsuitable for Singapore weather. Hello! 97% humidity?!

Model’s D.E.A.T.H. S.T.A.R.E.! *werq!

La Belle was one of my top favourite few. (you’ll see why in a few photos)

Clean colour palette. (:

Uber cool shoe treatment. (:

Sheila Sim walking for La Belle. (:


Comfy Alibaba Pants! I.WANT.PLEASE! :D:D:D


Anyway, since I have no money…

Max Tan sent his models down the runway next.

I admire the consistency in his design philosophy.

Tailored, structured, boyfriend-clothes-that-have-been-taken-over-and-altered-by-girlfriend clothes.

hahas. With Max Tan, its a bit of a dichotomy. On one hand, his style is rather distinctive, yet on the other hand it exudes this very strong impression that designs have been recycled.

Maybe its my mind playing tricks on me, since I always pay close(r) attention to his designs.

Because I love them so much!

More photos from Blueprint Emporium coming up (soon)!