The Big Budget Breakdown

As you probably would have figured, Jo and I are in a contest. And initially one of the conditions were that we style 3 looks with the given budget of $500. (Midway, the organizers did away with this rule.)

But perhaps its my position as a Finance Secretary in school that compels me to declare and be uber transparent about my expenses for this competition.

So below is a breakdown of my budget and expenses for each week’s look.


With regards to budgeting, my strategy was to equally divide $500 by 3 and set aside that amount for each look. (NOTE: I do not factor in the cost of the featured item since it is pre-determined and given before-hand)

So that equates to $166.67 per look. Which isn’t a lot really.


In total, I spent $458.40 although because I recycled some of the items, each looks amounts to more.

Factoring in the repeats, my total expenses come up to $493.30.

$6.70 under budget.  (:

Personally, I think it is a flaw to do away with a budget limitation. My thoughts are that the competition would have a tendency to favour a person who was willing to splurge more of their own moolah. Cos you can buy nicer stuffs from Topshop and the like if moneh isn’t a factor.

And maybe, this will be where I lose out. For not sticking to mass market/big name/household brands. And being so cheapo with my purchases.

But at least, I like what I have put together for you to view (and vote! tehehes)

Hope you like it too. (:

Tiny Eyes

Dragged my sleepy eyes and tired behind out of bed on one rather blah sort of day, begged and coaxed my sister to accompany me all the way to one end of the island at the Singapore Expo Hall to check out a Burberry sale.

They cable-tied by bag so I couldn’t snap photos inside.


Jo and I both saw the same to-die-for silk georgette Burberry check sleeveless (1950s post war/pilgrim-esque) dress. I think we would have bought it if not for the fact that after discount it was still 4-digit expensive. ):

But I did get a interesting grey top which should have its Wottoncool debut soon.

Blue shirtdress from OnePintPlease, Cream Clip belt from G2000, Jil Sander for Uniqlo wool pants, Cut-out sandals and bag from Charles and Keith, Green Nails from random Far East Plaza shop, Owl Ring from Forever21 and Yes-We-Can rings from Aldo.

Ring Ring Ring

Like a breath of fresh air after 250,000 years, by some divine intervention and by the alignment of celestial stars I had a free afternoon last Friday.

Might not seem like a big deal but when it feels like I haven’t had a free day since December,

it counts.

I met my sister and went to Vivocity to check out Aldo Accessories’ 2 for 1 sale.

We spent way too long in that tiny shop (which is quite hard to find btw!) And eventually walked out $130 poorer but with 2 bags, 2 necklaces, 1 headband, 2 earrings and 2 rings.

happy! (:

So, anyway… the 2 rings we walked away with were actually six in total (sold in bunches of three). And I thought they were so cute.

Yes. We. Can. (:



HULLOO!!!! We are at the super massive F21 store at 313 Somerset now now now! Prices are revised and SUPER low. Now you have no more reason to shop for it online and ship it back because it will 362,819 times more expensive, fo’ shureeeee.

Hence this picture of lonelyboy456, with a pile of his girlfriend’s clothing:

Snapshots of the store! They’ve got different themed interiors on the four levels, which goes with their clothes as well! Love the heritage decor the most.

Love the heritage decor on the 3rd storey most. Floral wallpaper + floral dresses = nom nom.


Spotted: models pretending to be BFFs doing last minute christmas shopping, hahahaha. Nicely styled.


Making our way down for the opening ceremony on Level 1 now. There are these amused mannequins all over the store and it’s really quite funny.

Andddd, why aren’t you down here yet?!?!??!?!


Photos of the official opening and guests of honour. (:

And guess who we saw! Hahas. Thought this was so cute!

Ok! F21 is officially open!

Shopping time! 😀 *slurps!


We’ll be at Forever 21‘s amazing four-storey store at 313 Somerset for some major shopping, blogging and snooping around from 4pm onwards. It’s their official opening tomorrow and it’s open to public, sooooo it’s business as usual!

Drop by to say hi, watch the performances, meet some celebs, soak in the atmosphere and complete your Christmas and NYE outfits.


Over the moon at noon

If you’re a broke shopaholic, you’d know that 12pm is the most important time of the day, on important days.

If you friends are shopaholics too, you’d know that at (or slightly before) 12pm, they are readying in front of their computers, on the internet, to log onto the most popular website in Singapore at noon time on special days: WWW.REEBONZ.COM

For the uninitiated, 12pm is the time when sale events of up to 70-80% on labels such as Prada, Miu Miu, Kate Spade opens, and everyone swarms in to nab the best. If you need an invite, email us.

You’re guilty, I know. I look as stupid as you do clicking refresh x583618 right before 12 noon just to see the events page with the goodies.. But lately, at least I have the luxury of doing so in the comfort of my own bed, not in the corner of the school library or in the office with many back-up tabs to quickly switch over to, haha.

Anyway, you can now get a dose of Reebonz credits along with some sweet pills for popping. Cheekily called the Fashion Overdose, it’s great for your friends this Christmas, or for yourself so that you don’t OD on the shopping, and credit card. It comes in denominations of 50, 100 and 150, so together with the already awesome discounts, you will be a happy puppy.

The good people at Reebonz sent us a bottle and all I can say is, NOM NOM! 😀 Am looking out for the Dior, Fendi, Burberry and Prada events coming up in the next few days!

Soooo… even though it’s not noon now, you still should go over to Reebonz to get this bottle o’ pills and credits.

Tried and test. Hardly any side effects. Happiness guaranteed 😀

Wottoncool @Uniqlo, Somerset 313

Bloggers were out in full force at Uniqlo’s From Tokyo to Singapore Fashion show at the Ritz Carlton and Somerset 313 store preview.

(Sorry readers, don’t have time to write an extensively long or elaborate post. I have to be in school by 8am tmr and I don’t know how I’m going to achieve that)

In the meantime, here are some photos! (: