Back from Tokyo, Japan

Just wanted to drop a quick update to say that I’m back from the land of the rising sun, back from Mount Fuji, sushi, cat cafes, bright neon lights, pachinko, boots and fake eyelashes.

The weather warranted layers upon layers of clothing. And I did mostly sight-seeing rather than shopping.

Can’t wait to go back with more shopping allowance 😀

More photos coming soon.
Stay tuned!


Paperbag Pants

Do you have those days where you want nothing more than to wear a paper bag over your head as you go about your routine and mile-long list of to-dos because it’s just such long and dreary day. You want nothing more than to snuggle in bed, tucked safely in the comforts of your blanket where the world can’t get you? But since Responsibility beckons, settle for the second-best option which is to dress purely for Comfort as you attempt to conquer the abyss of chores.

And then, there are also those days that for no reason in particular, there is a sense of flurry and fun to dress up and paint the town red. Figuratively, of course.

I’m wearing a basic white tank, pseudo paperbag-waisted pants and lace-up wedges. Just because I felt like it. Despite only having to run a handful of errands in school today. And make-up-less because my skin has decided to revolt by going through a second round of puberty-worthy breakouts ):

But I also attribute it to the stresses of exam week,
which is NOW!

Ok, back to the books for me


Chinatown Crossroads

Haven’t done an outfit post in awhile. This was sometime back when flooding was all the rage on our sunny island.

I wore a asymmetrical grey jacket from Bossini Style, white shirt with buttons from nicholas, scarf from sister, vintage pants from mom, faux ostrich bag from St. Louis, wood watch from Tampines1 stall, thrifted book and New Look white flats.

Been going through a bit of a personal rollercoaster, thus a lack of motivation to post and stuff.

But anyway, more importantly I have a question for you!

Let me set this up first…

There is an opportunity for me to be flown all-expenses paid to an overseas brand launch party in exchange for approximately 3 months’ worth of mentions (one a day for 3 months) on a combination of Wottoncool’s blog, twitter, facebook as well as my personal twitter and facebook profiles.

And juicy as this opportunity is, I am very concerned that readers, such as yourself, would be put off by the overdose of one-mention-a-day “buzz”.

Of course I’ve discussed this with Jo. And the ‘buzz’ will predominantly focus on my personal accounts. But that being said, I don’t want ya’ll thinking that imma sellout.

So thoughts? Yay or nay?

Wottoncool @ Percentile

Since I have no assistant. no tripod. no prairie in my backyard. And little narcissistic need to take a photo of my outfit, this polaroid (courtesy of Nooka) captures my outfit for PERCENTILE.

Cap-sleeve with random buttons top from Nicholas, Polka dot scarf from Tampines1 stall, Drop-crotch pants from Giordano ladies, Perforated leather flats from New Look, faux ostrich skin bag from St Louis. Holding, a red Nooka watch.

Mushroom Meet

Met Bagaholicboy, Dinie from OneSixtyNotepad and Laila from Rock The Trend at Jones the Grocer last week.

They filled me in on the latest happenings and gossip from AFF over a unassumingly filling mushroom risotto.

Jo was supposed to be there but she injured her arm that day. And now she is halfway across the world, backpacking through Europe for the better part of two months!

I’m all alone here to blog by my lonesome self. *sobs*

hehs. Drama much? 😀

Anyway, go this little date I wore a colour-runned white tank from G2000, asymmetrical cropped jacket from BossiniStyle, skull-printed scarf from a Cambodian night market and drop-crotch pants from Giodano Ladies.

Abyzzmally Victorious @Nike: Fabric of Football

After the Nike event, lunched with my sister and Valencia.

Then my sister and I walked around Ion Orchard, talking about the Ion Orchard smell (I swear they have their own ‘Ion Orchard’ fragrance), oogled and salivated over window displays and ‘IT’ bags.

We also talked about one day owning Birkins and shopping our hearts out then having a chauffeur pick us, if and when we are swimming in oodles and oodles of moolah. ($_$)!!!

That day, is still many many many moons away.


Anyway, while chatting we spotted this very pretty pillar at Ion and couldn’t resist taking a few photos. One moment, I’m larger than the pillar…

And the next, the flower could eat me. hahas.

I was surprised to find them made of foam and held together by (what seems like) a mixture of nails, glue and masking tape. Caution: Fragile.

Reminded us of gardenia flowers.


I wore an asymmetrical 2-way top and skinny multi-fold pant from Abyzz by Desmond Yang. Weave belt from Bus Stop and leather cuff from Man Master (these two items were used in my SNFS – Challenge 3 look, watch out for it!). Wood watch from Time Network and rings (from top to bottom) Tiff and Co., tourist stop in Jordan and random AMK Hub stall. Shoes from Mitju.

Caution: May Slur when Blur

Before and after the Kent Ridge Ministerial Forum 2010, this is what I wore.

Smudgy baby blue, no-longer white tank from G2000
Dust-grey asymmetrical jacket from BossiniStyle
Skull scarf from a Cambodia night market
Cropped pants from Nicholas
Union Jack studded flats from Mitju
Cream Faux Ostrich Leather bag from St. Louis
Wood watch from Time Network

My camera battery flat-lined after this photo. So it’ll have to do.

What Sarah wore to Shunji Matsuo 2010

There has been a flurry of fun events over the past month and Jo and I are so sorry for temporarily abandoning the blog for books. we’d like to try maintain decent CAPs and GPAs. hahas.

So really, thanks for being such troopers and checking back!

Anyway. Shunji Matsuo held a cosy and intimate affair at Goodwood Park Hotel’s Marie Suite, premiering his 2010 collection. More on that later. This is what I wore:

Cream with plum checks Scarf from Burberry
Peach embellished Tank from i-xclusive
Grey cotton jersey Top with long sash from Robinsons
Black diagonal cut Pants from Abyzz by Desmond Yang
Cream cut out Sandals and mustard paneled Bag from Charles and Keith
Necklace from mom
Bracelets from Heeren, Canada and Perth

Wottoncool @Burberry’s Ion Orchard Store Opening

Ladies and gents, girls and boizzzzzz, WE ARE AT BURBERRY NOW NOW NOW!

We’ll be updating our night here. Feel free to post your comments, tell us what you wanna see!

We’ll reply at the speed of lightning!

For now, we’re still taking in the immensity of the super large LCD screens, the Spring Summer 2009 dresses, fresh eucalyptus, nom nom nom.



A little but about Buberry at ION Orchard. It’s the largest store in South East Asia and today is their official opening. Creative Director Christian Bailey is gracing the event and loadsss of celebs will be here laterr.



On Sarah, Circle multi-wear blouse, from Not for the Shallow by Desmond Yang. Ruched pants from Abyzz by Desmond Yang. Suede waist belt, from Alaia.

On Jo, Sequinned top, from Topshop. Drop-crotch pants, from Zara. Platform heels, from Charles & Keith. Wrist candy, from Topshop.

We will be updating live from the Mac stations the lovely people at Burberry have provided, throughout the night.

Ok. Stay tuned!

SPOTTED! Jacelyn Tay



Guess who we just met?!


Also, X-wen is talking to Tan Kheng Hua and her daughter as we speak/type!


Oops! Sorry for the lag, but we had to take time off to take photos with some male models with photobooth 😛
Photo on 2009-11-03 at 20.07

20:21 Chirstopher Bailey is in the building! and Dinie is in HEAVEN! hahas

IMG_002620:23IMG_0027And Jo might pass out from excitement!


More celebs in Burberry. Here’s the super tall, leggy, and gorgeous Liu Wen, and Celeste Chong.




Omg time is passing too fast!

IMG_0033Photo opp with Zoe Tay

IMG_0036Camwhoring while waiting for Christopher Bailey.

IMG_0038Christopher Bailey leaving the Burberry VIP lounge.





he wrote about the same thing for everyone. but who cares?! (:



Some stations got overtaken by guests… but its all good!

IMG_0053Guests photobooth-ing.


IMG_0057Jo’s feet are hurting. a lot. (But the ARE lovely shoes).

That’s it for our night at Burberry. We worked hard and played hard, and we’ll bring you a more coherent post after we recover from all the excitement! 😀

Tipsy Gypsy

Outfit photo!

Realise I haven’t posted an outfit photo in awhile.

This was at a celebration dinner held in school. It was a closure for events organized over summer. The school even gave out certificates to thank us for our participation.

And the food was AWESOME!!! (:


Metallic silver tank – nicholas
Multi-coloured wrap pants – from Thailand
Chain Necklace – from mom

The pants are really comfortable but long, so walking up the stairs I have to be careful not to trip :/ hahas