Dashing and daring, Courageous and caring!

If and/or when you are in Perth,

you must try

Ye Olde Lolly Shoppe Gummy Bears!

They are the juiciest, yummiest gummy bears! ❤

Unlike other gummies, each colour has a distinctly different flavour! (:

A 150g pack costs AU$3.75 (according to their website, here. and they seem to have more outlets. YAY!!)

(and dont use my picture as an estimate of 150g, i’ve eaten half the contents already)

The store is FILLED with vintage candy and biscuit tins (as decoration) and a very wide selection of candy. (think Harry Potter when he first stepped onto Diagon Alley)

when i was there, earlier this year, my friends and i spent who-knows-how-long looking through all the shelves of candy. It was there that they found out that i’m very fussy when it comes to candy. (it must be clear, not opaque. It can’t have sugar on it, unless its sour apple strips. It cant have a hole, can’t be string-line, i.e. gummy worms) the only exception are apple rings. but other than that, i only eat gummy bears, blackberry & raspberry gums and cola bottles. (crazy! i know (: hehes )

Moral of the story: if you are anal-retentive (like me) about your candy, stick to the tried and true (:

But if you are not, by all means, go ahead and try all the kooky stuff the store has to offer!

P.S. thank you Carol and Cheryl! (who paid a disproportionate amount of money to send me a pack) it made my day. (((:


One of my first purchases on my Perth trip was a necklace from Forever New.

Its a simple chain necklace, that looks somewhat like a snake because of its “scales”.

But its so versatile! <3!

best of all, i paid AU$3 for it! (which is about S$4!)

So here are a few things I’ve been able to create.

with simple knots, looping and sheer boredom, these were some of the patterns i came up with.

I especially like the double loop (2nd pic) and the variation of the simple knot (5th pic). Furthermore, the clasps allow me to wear it without the fear that my big head wont be able to fit through. hahas.

ok, thats all for now.