Young & Restless

Anytime you need to be inspired, you should be visiting Test Shoot Gallery. Headed by creative director and stylist, Ashburn Eng, the man himself is boundless energy. And he channels this energy to good use in his new collaboration with local designer, Max Tan.

Young & Restless, designed by Ashburn for Max Tan’s principle line, is the product of their shared aesthetics. The first collection, Ritual, is conservative Amish-meets-military-meets superwoman. Who would have thought you’d see these words in the same sentence?

The pieces are drenched in shades of deep, almost thought-provoking blue. The maxi skirt-pants are the most genius of all. I’ve just cleared out a spot in my wardrobe between my dresses and dress pants just for this baby.

I think this duo can do no wrong. Ashburn and Max – please stay young and restless.

Visit the maxtan store in Level 2 of Parco in Milennia Walk for Young & Restless.

Picture credits to here.

Paper Doll

Lately, I haven’t been looking for unusual cuts or cool tailoring in my clothes. Instead, I’m all about the fabric, how it feels like between my fingers, against my skin. For one, Uniqlo‘s premium fine cotton jersey has the capacity to make me extraordinarily happy.

Now, I need to feel these unisex paper dresses by Nina Nikicio, from her Nikicio:Project 04. These are photographs by a collection of Singaporean and Indonesian photographers, printed on tear-proof, water/chemical resistant paper.

Not quite sure what to expect. Soft crinkly feel? Crunchy noises as I walk?

Available at the Nikicio webstore for US$43.

Picture credits to here.

On two wheels

Is there anyone else out there who is over 20 years of age and unable to ride on a bicycle without letting out a yelp every seemingly meandering 20m on a straight path?

Ah I see there are tons of you out there.. Maybe we should all form a fraternity.

I’ve figured out – if you have a collarless jacket, smashingly tailored pants, studded cuff, aviators, some wicked heels, and wanna look like a cycling chick, just start pushing one alongside you on the pedestrian walkways around town, since there are no proper bicycle lanes yet anyway. This way, no haters for you being a cyclist on the pedestrian walkways, and only admirers for how awesomely cool you look.

Together we’ll be legen – wait for it – dary!

Just sayin’… Trying to make myself feel better about my cycling (in)abilities.

Photo by my boyfriend.

Breakfast and Balloons


April’s Numéro spread by photography duo Luciana Val and Franco Musso, styled by Capucine Safyurlu portrays model Rasa Zukauskaite has strong influences from old Hollywood.

Reminds me of Breakfast at Tiffany’s.


I especially love the soft lighting and glow that everything has. I have the impression that anything is more forgiving with soft lighting and “glow”. hahas. Don’t you think so? (:

And these red balloons really tempt me. To take my own balloons shot. I don’t know why.


And pretty as this photo is. Don’t do this. It’s AIR POLLUTION. Serious. And Singapore is not exempt.

Love mother nature. ❤

One way, or another,

I’m gonna find ya, I’m gonna getcha getcha getcha getcha

Photography: Chiehshen Koo
Make-up: Praveena M.
Models: Jolene Huang, Lynette Toh
Additional assistance: Michelle Chow

View it larger on facebook here. Remember to add us as a friend!

Some mistakes and many things I can improve on.. my list can fill up an A4 sheet, but WHO CARES IT WAS VEHR NAISE AND FUN 😀 I will bother myself with the details if we decide to do another of this.. Anybody got too much time on their hands? 😀

621,600,489,746 thanks and <3<3<3 to Shen, Prav, Jolene, Lynette and Mich.

Dancing Shoes


The eyes may be the window to the soul for most of us, but for photographer Geritt Starczewski, he takes the bottom-up approach and turns to shoes to tell tales.

“The most important in a look are for me the shoes. Shoes betray something about the personality, about the character. ”



He takes photos of mostly pop musicians during live performances, but always no higher than the knee.

They’re in mid-step, they’re worn, sometimes tattered, they stand out, they overtake the picture.


Sometimes you can sense that the musician is dancing, slightly nervous, with feet turned inwards, or trying to pump the crowd, with a foot on the monitor.



She’s wearing happy tights and ballet flats – could you tell the genre? He’s wearing shiny red leather shoes – quite the showman eh?

“Many musicians are styled perfectly and everything is produced when they come on the stage. However, I have discovered a weakness in them; their shoes. With the help of the shoe you can draw conclusions about the music and the personality without knowing who is in these shoes.”



What does this say?

Do you recognize your musicians from their feet? Or can you tell what music they make?

Granted, I don’t know some of them but it was fun to imagine!

From top to bottom: The Kills, The Hives, Grand Island, Mia, Zoot Woman, Roisin Murphy, Low-fi Fnk

Caged Inhibitions

In conjunction with the Business School Society’s Annual Bash, The Fashion Fraternity has compiled a lookbook to inspire partygoers to dress to the theme: Caged Inhibitions.


I helped out the girls from  in this photoshoot collaboration. It was interesting night shoot at Fort Canning.



Kudos to the photographer, Wayne, dedicated to his craft. On several occasions, he was sprawled on the (dirty) ground to get the angles just right and he kept the mood very fun.



And kudos to the girls who had to balance on uneven ground in heels and stand still as mosquitoes fed on them.


Check out more of the images here.

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There’s just something about looking at the pictures like that – out of the context of the posts, regardless of where they were taken, yada yada yada. imports the latest photos from the most popular fashion/style blogs and packs it into a neat page for a delightful scroll.

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