Blistering BTS Barnacles

Braving the blistering heat, torrential rains, dehydration, fatigue, an early start to the day and multiple location changes…

Saturday was spent traversing Singapore from Amk to Jurong to Balestier to East Coast to Balestier to Scotts Road to Orchard back to Balestier to bring you some rather amazing foh-toes (if I might say so myself :D)!

I present,

Behind.The.Scenes (taken with my Blackberry)

Sabina hails from Slovakia and it was quite amazing to watch her move in front of the camera. (:

Clifford, the photographer, asked me to help out with the styling for this shoot. And there was suppose to be another model (who, obviously, was a no-show) but nvm! The show must go on!

I got to sit in Mike’s (Tsang Photography) Land Rover, which was quite fun.

And it was our makeshift make-up station (while driving too yo!)

Points to make-up artist Adeline Chang for her pro skillz.

The photo above was taken by Clifford. Its not very clear but it rained on us midway through the shoot and I was (out of frame) but sheltering Sabina to keep her dry and to get the shot. You can sorta make out the umbrella that I’m holding.

In between, there were a few more looks but I was busy with my reflector girl duties to snap Blackberry BTS photos. hehs (:

This was our last look for the day before wrapping up. And I was ready to concuss but still had to head back to the studio to pick up the remainder of my shoes, clothes, accessories and shiz then drive home to concuss on the couch 😀

(Photos below were taken by Clifford)

Adeline Chang, Sabina and me (:

After a hard day’s work.

And the mandatory goofing off 😀 hahas.

Waiting on Clifford to send me the final photos. Stay tuned!

One way, or another,

I’m gonna find ya, I’m gonna getcha getcha getcha getcha

Photography: Chiehshen Koo
Make-up: Praveena M.
Models: Jolene Huang, Lynette Toh
Additional assistance: Michelle Chow

View it larger on facebook here. Remember to add us as a friend!

Some mistakes and many things I can improve on.. my list can fill up an A4 sheet, but WHO CARES IT WAS VEHR NAISE AND FUN 😀 I will bother myself with the details if we decide to do another of this.. Anybody got too much time on their hands? 😀

621,600,489,746 thanks and <3<3<3 to Shen, Prav, Jolene, Lynette and Mich.

Entrenched in the Past

I was looking through some old photographs and dug up these photos of a shoot I did with my friend, Steph.


Taken in the central business district on a Sunday morning. Raffles Place was very quiet, which all worked out since Steph needed the backgrounds to be un-busy. That was the fundamental criteria that her professor demanded for this photo series assignment.

These were taken pre-Wottoncool days, early early in 2008, and the strongest memory was that out of the blue (sky) it rained!

IMG_4409There! Proof! hahas. (:

The weather was very erratic that day and we kept praying that the heavens wouldn’t open up repeatedly and get in the way of shooting. Cos even when the weather was better, the sun would frequently hide behind the clouds and affect the light. (I don’t know how to describe it in photography lingo, so I shan’t try)

And, it you can’t already tell, there was no budget for the shoot. I was the model + helper + stylist + wardrobe. Steph doubled as creative director + makeup artist + hair stylist + photographer + wardrobe.


In this shoot, I’m wearing

Black dress – Steph’s
Khaki Trenchcoat – G2000, which I should wear more!
Sunglasses – Armani
Watch – Casio
Red embossed Wallet – Catherine Manuell
Black Slingbacks – (i can’t remember which) fleamarket

Caged Inhibitions

In conjunction with the Business School Society’s Annual Bash, The Fashion Fraternity has compiled a lookbook to inspire partygoers to dress to the theme: Caged Inhibitions.


I helped out the girls from  in this photoshoot collaboration. It was interesting night shoot at Fort Canning.



Kudos to the photographer, Wayne, dedicated to his craft. On several occasions, he was sprawled on the (dirty) ground to get the angles just right and he kept the mood very fun.



And kudos to the girls who had to balance on uneven ground in heels and stand still as mosquitoes fed on them.


Check out more of the images here.