My friends and I decided that since we don’t have a good reason for fancy headwear like the Aussies do – think Melbourne Cup – we’d think up our own private event.

Okay, kidding.

My friends surprised me on the rooftop of the Esplanade for a sort-of Alice in Wonderland party 😀



I think I was concentrating too hard on looking cute for the camera I forgot to make a wish.




5000 ways to wear a conical hat!


❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤


On Jo, (I didn’t know about the party or the theme! Hence the incongruous outfit)

Top:  Black lamé tank top from FCUK
Outerwear: Corduroy jacket with brass details from This Fashion sale ($5!!)
Belt: Extra long studded skinny belt from Giordano Concepts
Skirt: Grey ruffle back skirt from Topshop
Shoes: Crackled silver flats from Cotton On (Thanks to Zann!)

On Sarah,

Dress: Salvation Army
Shoes: Red flats from Robinsons

Sorry for the lack of proper posts recently. I’m trying to be a good student, hahahah.

Counting more happies

Happies no. 001

School has been getting CRAZY, thus the lack of posts on my side. (Sorry jo!!)

But since its a public holiday (and im stuck at work), I thought I’d take some time out to update (before having to get back to my book report, presentations, reports and marketing campaign that BECKONS to be completed asap!)

Earlier, I blogged about my first ebay experience here. I won the bid!!! (partly because i was quite obsessed with it)

Top: Sleeveles Peach Top with ruffle details from Topshop (its on sale now!!)

Bottoms: Promenade Shorts from Zambesi (ebay purchase)

I’ve actually seen a pair in Singapore and didnt like the shorts because the material was stiff and poufy. (I refered to them as the ‘Ali Baba’ shorts. hahas.) But the material of my pair is much softer. (:

Zambesi SS07

So those shorts were received and worn last week…

I am so glad that i’ve crossed the ‘ebay virgin’ hurdle and saved a bunch of cash in the process!

Happy no. 001: CHECK!

Happies no. 002

Just yesterday, a friend organized a night picnic (which, upon first impressions, sounds rather weird… ‘how are you suppose to see what you are eating!! or is the whole point to NOT be able to see your food?! hahas’)

But, as it turns out, a lot of people had the same idea.. Plus there was a movie screening at the Botanical Gardens!! (who knew!?!)

Top: McBlue Sleeveless Shirt

Scarf: Fabric Belt from G2000 Shorts (that was used as a scarf for the bag initally)

Shorts: Ocean Pacific White Shorts with blue stitching

Bag: Salvation Army find

I would recommend a (nigh)t picnic to everyone.. with or without the movie screening.. the weather is relatively cooling, although i have no guarantee on the humidity. you wont get a tann. friends usually aren’t busy with work in the evening. and its a relatively cheap alternative activity to do. (you could just buy a bunch of subs and chilled drinks, bring a mat and tissues, and you are all set!)

good company, good times, good(/decent) food. What more do you need!? 😀

Happy no. 002: CHECK!

Happies no. 003

And this morning, my mom made pancakes!!!

” Breakfast any other way should be considered a sin.” – Sarah

Pancakes with banana slices, strawberries and kiwi glazed with honey and maple syrup AND accompanied by tea! *Heaven!*

If you can’t really see the pancake, thats part of the point (: hahas.

I enjoy my breakfasts. Not eating a big breakfast really throws me off. (read: gastric for the whole day 0.0!!)

Don’t you get hungry just looking at this picture?! 😀

Happy no. 003: CHECK!

Happies no. 004

The boyfriend and I are going to play Rock Band in the evening. (after a 7-hour marathon session, he convinced his family to get a set too!)  And in anticipation that I’m gonna kick his ass later,

I dressed as FIERCE(!) as i could. 😀

wrist armour, gladiator sandals, leather belt and eyeliner included! (even if you cant see it) hahas.

Happy no. 004: CHECK!


hoping you have your own growing list of happies to hold onto (: and if you dont, you can always borrow from mine.. anytime 😉