Well-heeled #1: Full speed ahead

Sarah and I love shoes, but not crazy enough to bankrupt ourselves on a pair of YSLs and chase the hottest off the runway ala Jane from Sea of Shoes (we would literally swim in her sea of shoes). Here’s 4-part series of heels that deserve just as much of our attention, and are a little more attainable for us mere mortals.

I am usually not in favour of anything that reminds me of cardiovascular activities (ew, persipration!), and no, try as they may, there is no way that running shoes and trainers look drop-dead-gorgeous or heart-wrenchingly desirable on anybody who’s taking them any further from the track or gym.

This is why it is imperative for a sportwear brand to really rip apart every traditional notion of a sports shoe, do away with performance, keep the comfort, then piece them back with lots of useless but aesthetically-cool (really, that’s all we need) findings, and no less than a four-inch heel.

Puma has been doing an admirable job of that, especially with Hussein Chalayan for its Urban Mobility collection. Sarah was (and still is… if I’m not wrong!) lusting after this fine suede and leather being here.

Prior to this, there was also this pair by the late Alexander McQueen. Love the contrasting leather panels, how it wraps around the wedge, and cut-outs round the ankles.

Adidas has Japanese designer, Yohji Yamamoto to thanks for the nearly decade-long collaboration in the form of Y-3. This season’s fancy footwear includes a high-cut boot wedge with pretty unconventional lacing…

And an elastic lace-up heel that bravely breaks away from the sneaker-wedge stereotypes. This I like.

In case you were wondering how to rock shoes these, just do as Betty does.

If you’ve got any secret shoe favourites, do share!

Picture credits to here, here, here, here and here.

Try your luck

Some worthy draws for your perusal, because I’m feeling quite chuffed and a tad lucky today.

In Puma’s 2010 Holiday Campaign, you get to play predator by navigating with your cursor to one year’s sponsorship of Puma Gear worth $2000 here.

And, this might be the only time you’d ever want to be prey too. Put on some Puma, plant yourself at the following locations, and be spotted by their roving wolf over the next three weekends to get some yummy store discounts.

26 Nov 2010: Vivocity | Clarke Quay | Butter Factory
4 Dec 2010: Far East Plaza | Cineleisure | Scape
10 Dec 2010: Emerald Hill | Zouk

What Mandarin Gallery is giving away for their anniversary draw is Two Good To Be True! but also, very true. Win two suave BMWs or $50,000 cash simply by dropping some moolah at their shops, from now till 26 January 2011. For example, getting these Markus Lupfer sequinned sweaters from Tribeca will give you quite a few chances and put you in good stead of the draw. Details here.

Good luck! And make sure no one’s tapping your shoulder!

Picture credits to here and here.

Pizza, PERCENTILE & Puma

Saturday was dedicated to some quality ‘me’ time.

Work (=Life) has been crazy ttm (to the max)!

And I was in dire need of some time to unwind, recharge and regain some focus on the things that need to be done.

Mom decided to have a very early lunch. At 10.30am we made pizza.


The do-it-yourself, pile-as-much-ingredients-as-you-please, pizza-dough-can-be-any-shape-you-want-it-to-be, homemade pizza goodness. (:

Needless to say, our early lunch was as hearty and homemade as could be. (We made two calzones for supper too!)

After which, some lazying around (aka couch potato-ing) ensued.

Then a change of clothes and stop at the nearby camera store to get a screen protector later and I was off to PERCENTILE at Butter Factory with my new camera. <3!

The crowd at PERCENTILE was more sporadic. Not the crazy-mad kinds that plague Black Market or Zouk Flea. However, I think because there were several relatively well-known brands clearing old stock at cheap-but-not-1dollargoodness-cheap, people were still willing to part with some moolah for some good steals.

Some of the Parco designers were there. Mae Pang, L’ile aux Ashby and Pauline Ning. (did I miss out anyone?) And for the first time, I got to see their work up close. BEAUTIFUL, yes?

Quite unique to PERCENTILE was the amount of menswear items available. I LOVED the patterned fabrics. The polka dot lining is too cute.

Also got to know of new brands. Wouldn’t mind getting a Nooka watch one day. But more about that another time.

I was SO tempted to get this yellow pair of lego Dr Martens. 50% off! How to resist?! But since I was poor (thanks to my date). Had to pass up this opportunity.

Instead, all I could afford was a L’ile aux Ashby wood ring. (:

While talking to Rayson, he mentioned a Puma collaborative show that was happening that evening outside Ion Orchard. (How they muster the energy to go from bazaar to fashion show in a day is beyond me. I.MUST.LEARN.)

So, after a yummy dinner with my family at Din Tai Fung, I zzooped! down to Ion. And by the skin of my teeth, caught the show!

Puma was unveiling their 10 Soccer ambassadors (I don’t know why) hahas. And made no excuse to showcase their Love Equals Football collection with a collaboration by L’ile aux Ashby.

Spotted any pieces?

More photos on our Wottoncool Facebook Page.

Create your style, remixed.




Yes, it was ten past six when we shot these pictures. It was a longgggg day at school before that! These pictures are actually our own interpretations of Puma’s new Create Your Style campaign.



Well, um, our pictures did turn out quite different from the originals. We kinda got carried away with the drawing. I think we took a whole half an hour? Haha. Kinda silly actually, cos you can’t see the tremendous effort we put into cross-hatching and creating patterns zomg.

Check out the other people who were involved in this campaign remix on Puma’s facebook fan page, and look out for their new store in in 313 Somerset, come December 2009!

December sounds a really long time away, but hello it’s only only only 23 days away! Okay time for Christmas now.

Black and Blue. Bag. Belt. Shoe

Apologies for the inexcusably unimaginative post title.

Study week is upon me and the immersion into Management Accounting concepts leaves me groggy and gasping for breath.




Almost nothing can dampen my day when I’m head to toe in Uniqlo! 😀


Yesterday was my virgin encounter with Uniqlo (I’ve not stepped foot into their stores overseas. merely heard/read numerous raves about it).

And their fabrics are heavenly!

Imagine buttery cotton jersey. Smooth to touch. Soft to hold. *melts* ((:

Top: Uniqlo
Skirt: Uniqlo
Belt: Alaia
Bag: Uniqlo
Shoes: Puma


And my shoes were purchased after the Puma Fashion Show some time back. I love the use of negative space. Feminine yet with a sporty edge. (And reasonably priced too!)

Ok! Back to the books!


Sports has grown into something so scientific and researched into it’s no longer just maintaining physical fitness or overall health.

Sports also has grown into something about being body conscious – how you look while doing it, and how you look after doing it.

Yesterday, Sarah and I were treated to a fashion show by Puma, in conjunction with Marina Square’s Lead the Fashion Revolution.






There were some really cute shoes – sneakers, half sneakers, canvas boat shoes and sporty ballet flats that caused mini heart attacks because I couldn’t get good photos of them, and I wanted them (the shoes, not the photos) so bad!




It was a fun, laid-back, preppy-sporty show that got people scurrying to the store right after the fashion show to enjoy the 15% discount storewide!

We too went into the store after the show, but by the time I decided to valiantly reward myself with a pair of happy crayola coloured sneaker, they were all sold out in my size.

Puma’s got a HUGE event coming up at Zouk. Stay tuned!