[Spotlight] A|X MBS & Red in Head Redux

Last weekend, amidst the F1 mayhem… Armani Xchange held an intimate party to celebrate the opening of their Marina Bay Sands outlet.

Instead of the usual fashion show strut to kick of the party, models took turns posing at the windows just how A|X clothes move and look ever-so-sleek. (Especially on glamazonian models!)

The clothes, shop, food, drinks and ambience was really great. I mean, its MBS ya’ll. If that doesn’t ooze lux, I don’t know what will. (:

It was a really fun night, getting to meet and catch up with some of the bloggers as well as meet a few new faces (:

Second stop for the evening was Keppel Island, which, thanks to X-wen, got us invites to this very exclusive invite-only Red in Head Redux by MrDope.

Copious amounts of champagne was drunk. And the music was really really good. If I can get my blackberry to connect to cooperate and connect (properly) to my computer, I’ll upload a video of the DJ spinning + light show display that they had set up in their fully air-conditioned pop-up club. ((:

But in the meantime, here are some photos.

After 11.30pm thereabouts, I stopped snapping cos the alcohol was taking effects and I was busy dancing. hehes

Therefore, final shot of the evening… Happy feet!