Sanrio x Baby Milo

Love it or hate it, there is a supernatural staying power of Hello Kitty, who celebrates her 50th anniversary this year.

To the insurmountable joy of lovers (and utter distaste of haters) a slew of uber cool collaborations are lined up whereby this kitty queen and her posse make guest appearances with characters such as Baby Milo.


The Bathing Ape store at Mandarin Gallery was on the verge of utter chaos (a la the Hello Kitty McDonald craze) Ok. I kid, the queues on Saturday were very civil.

Long, but civil.

And who can blame them really?

The event started at 11am on a crisp Saturday morning. By 11.30am, when I arrived (fashionably, but regrettably, late) I would say that about 80% of the limited edition goods were all snapped up by the media! *yaaozah!

Then the magic words that no shopaholic wants to hear, but can hardly resist…



which equates with … MUST.BUY.NOW!

At 11.30am, the Bathing Ape staff were letting the people who had queued, into the store. But only in small manageable batches. Overcrowding is not cool yo.

And things were just flying off the racks.

But with a limited purchase of 2 items per person, I think the lucky ducks at the start of the queues were able to secure some lovely limited edition goodies for their loved ones.

See! Kiasu has its perks!

Hahas (:

Dr.ess to Impress


Remember Remember! The first of September!

When the Limited Edition Sanrio X Dr. Martens 50th Anniversary boots and mary-janes become exclusively available at Dr. Martens Concept Store at Orchard Central

If you’d like a chance at winning $1,000 worth of Dr. Martens goodness, be at the photo booth on 1 September dressed to a tee in your most OMGWTFBBQ outfit inspired by Sanrio.

Tip: Plan your outfit with the pair you intend to style your head-to-toe look with.

Snaps will be sent to Susie Bubble for judging. Do not disappoint.

Here are her looks (up-close) for inspiration:

For more visual juiciness, you can read more and see more photos here!