Sorry for the Lull ya’ll
Sunday 2 May 2010, 4:55 pm
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Hi everyone! I know that Audi Fashion Festival has been all the buzz this past week and yet there has been a week-long lull here at Wottoncool.

Perfectly rational explanation: I’ve been in Hong Kong for the past week! (without internet access)

In between the university visits, student union dialogue sharing sessions and hour-long campus tours in 3-inch heels,

I’ve been busying soaking up the neon light pollution and hazy air while shopping and eating my heart out in the Mongkok, Kowloon area of Hong Kong.

But I’m back! with loads to update.

Click your Jimmy Choos together three times then check back! (:

[Travel] Back and un-Burnt!
Tuesday 15 December 2009, 10:55 pm
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Hi eerbody. I’m back from Cambodia! An awesome, amazing but rather dusty bugsy place. But beautiful nonetheless.

Will upload photos soon.

Thanks Jo for holding down the fort! <3!

And sorry for all the events I missed.

Whirlwind of a Week
Saturday 29 August 2009, 11:22 am
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Starting count from Thursday through to Saturday, my calendar has been BURSTING with ‘To Do’s

27 Aug, 2.30pm: Shopping date with friend
27 Aug, 5.00pm: Parco@Millenia Fashion Incubator Project Networking Session
27 Aug, 7.00pm: Pull and Bear@Ion Orchard event
27 Aug, 9.30pm: Send friend off at Airport
27 Aug, 11.30pm: Freshmen Bash

28 Aug, 3.45pm: Track training
28 Aug, 6.30pm: Friend’s 21st Birthday Party
28 Aug, 9.00pm: Another friend’s 21st Birthday Party

29 Aug, 2.30pm: Ecochic by Triump Workshop

Thursday was an exceptionally crazy day. And it didn’t help that I’ve been bitten by the flu bug. Yes. In my fevered state, I was still at Zouk till 3am.

I crashed on the couch at home later..

Which led my mom to ask the next morning, ‘Why is it that a third of your nights are spent on the couch? Do you want me to get a better couch so that you sleep better???’ hahas.

Yet despite the couch crashing, I still feel sleep-deprived. (Track training DOES NOT HELP btw!)


I’ll upload and update on the blog-able events..

Patience, young grasshopper. Stay tuned!

Friday 22 May 2009, 12:21 am
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Hi. I’m Jocelyn, a guestblogger for tonight. I’m invading the blog for now cos Sarah is eating and…. cos Jo was my classmate in JC. Actually Sarah was my classmate in JC too. mm then, i’ll blog cos sarah is eating, and both sarah and jo are my classmates.

K, think i should stop cos I’m sounding dumb and not saying anything fashion related.

Will just post a picture then 🙂


Ok bye!