Well-heeled #2: Shito

Blogging about the fashion scene in Singapore excites me. But if you haven’t noticed.. it has mostly been about clothes. Drapey garments. Maybe some accessories. Things that go on hangers and racks.

Luckily for us, Alice Soedirman and Cheryl Mok of Shito have not forgotten about dressing up our feet.

The year-old shoe label is all about sultry suede and leather confections that are as edgy as they are uncompromisingly feminine. What they want for their shoes is to empower the wearer, and I think I can safely say that they do a pretty damn fine job of that. The black tasselled wedge is a special collaboration with Max Tan, and I adore it. Man I think I mention the guy/his label a bit too much.

Their signature shape is a bulbous upturned toe-box with a centre-fold – somewhat strange in an almost animalistic manner at first, but somehow frames our feet so well. They are said to be pretty kind on the feet and wear comfortably too.

Styling them on a platter with cookies, strawberries and chocolate drizzle just make them all the more desirable, don’t you think? Even the simple ballet flats. I’d polish off the entire serving.

Shito has been retailing at Blackmarket, Ztamp, Antipodean and its own online store since its inception, and to my surprise, has also joined the new rotation of designers at Parco’s next Next fashion Incubator.

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Well-heeled #1: Full speed ahead

Sarah and I love shoes, but not crazy enough to bankrupt ourselves on a pair of YSLs and chase the hottest off the runway ala Jane from Sea of Shoes (we would literally swim in her sea of shoes). Here’s 4-part series of heels that deserve just as much of our attention, and are a little more attainable for us mere mortals.

I am usually not in favour of anything that reminds me of cardiovascular activities (ew, persipration!), and no, try as they may, there is no way that running shoes and trainers look drop-dead-gorgeous or heart-wrenchingly desirable on anybody who’s taking them any further from the track or gym.

This is why it is imperative for a sportwear brand to really rip apart every traditional notion of a sports shoe, do away with performance, keep the comfort, then piece them back with lots of useless but aesthetically-cool (really, that’s all we need) findings, and no less than a four-inch heel.

Puma has been doing an admirable job of that, especially with Hussein Chalayan for its Urban Mobility collection. Sarah was (and still is… if I’m not wrong!) lusting after this fine suede and leather being here.

Prior to this, there was also this pair by the late Alexander McQueen. Love the contrasting leather panels, how it wraps around the wedge, and cut-outs round the ankles.

Adidas has Japanese designer, Yohji Yamamoto to thanks for the nearly decade-long collaboration in the form of Y-3. This season’s fancy footwear includes a high-cut boot wedge with pretty unconventional lacing…

And an elastic lace-up heel that bravely breaks away from the sneaker-wedge stereotypes. This I like.

In case you were wondering how to rock shoes these, just do as Betty does.

If you’ve got any secret shoe favourites, do share!

Picture credits to here, here, here, here and here.

Dear Santa

Dear Santa,

The Charles and Keith boots that I love are fraying at its threads. The faux leather is flaking slowly from my excessive and obsessive wear over the past who-knows-how-many years. The fabric buckles exactly the way I wear them – at the ball of my feet, the ankle and from stuffing my jeans into already-prime real estate. I sense that these C&K boots don’t have long to live.

This Christmas, I hope to find, nestled snugly under the Christmas tree, a pair of size 40 black suede lace-up wedge booties by Hussein Chalayan for PUMA’s Urban Mobility collection.

The combination of thick suede and rubber wedge makes this shoe OOZE comfort it’s like wearing hot chocolate and walking on air. *slurps! Throw in the extra three inches of height (a girl can always do with more) AND the fact that it’s a slice of designer goods at a sliver of the price… These babies have bumped themselves up to the top of my list of desirables this December.

But that’s not to say these sweeties are completely within grasps. At $400 for the bootie version at Hide&Seek and $356.97 from Revolve Clothing for the high-cut boots, they are, sadly, not within means.

Thus, I write this letter to you Santa.
Please make your list, check it twice.
Hope I’ve been sufficiently nice.

Yves Saint Laurent at MBS

The French fashion house, Yves Saint Laurent, has, to me, always been synonymous with an understated simplicity and insurmountable elegance. Credited for the introduction of a women’s tuxedo suit, Le Smoking, which is probably the sexiest name you could have for a suit. (; Yves Saint Laurent started his career working at the House of Dior, before starting his own fashion house.

Despite the passing of the designer in 2008, YSL still remains a powerhouse in the industry, backed by parent company, The Gucci Group.

Last Friday night was no exception to YSL’s promise of everything luxe, sophisticated and stylish as Jo and I rubbed shoulders with fashion’s elite at YSL’s Marina Bay Sands boutique opening. The party was in full swing when we arrived with guests merrily mingling and dipping into their deep pockets to add YSL A/W2010 to their wardrobes.

We were drinking champagne and nibbling on hors d’oeuvres amongst signature pieces like the ponyhair fringe pumps and arty rings, which Jo was very tempted to acquire. And, which I also assume should be sold out by now because they retail for only $280. The rings, I mean.

I could only oogle from afar as I observed guests trying (and buying) shoes, bags and accessories all around me while I, happily, clutched my new iPad (: but more on that later.

For now, I can only lust about my future YSL bag.

Hanging out with Jo and Bagaholicboy too much is not good for the bank account balance…

“I have often said that I wish I had invented blue jeans: the most spectacular, the most practical, the most relaxed and nonchalant. They have expression, modesty, sex appeal, simplicity – all I hope for in my clothes.”

– Yves Saint-Laurent

This season… Purr

Instead of paying attention in class like I should have :D, I was trawling through Bloglovin’ to bring you these very beautiful people snapped from across the blogsphere.

by The Satorialist

Leopard print hasn’t (yet) been a hurdle I’ve been able to embrace into my closet. I always think it requires a minimum level of confidence, style, edge and boldness that I don’t quite possess yet.

by The Vogue Diaries

by Facehunter

by Stockholm Street Style

But it’s beautiful, innit? ❤

The Little Things She Needs

They say it’s the little things that make a big difference. This pretty and petite package dressed herself almost entirely in accessories (multiple rings check, bangles check, necklace check, head thing check, shoes check, some-other-small-items-I’m-not-confident-of-describing check), save for the huge kaftan hanging on her which, on hindsight, also almost looks like a scarf on its own.

She is the personification of the new accessories store, The Little Things She Needs. I’m kinda glad she’s not a 6-feet tall blonde-hair, blue-eyed model from a huge agency and dressed by a hired stylist. She works for one of the seven stores in Jakarta and put together this Asian-Bohemian look with items from their current and upcoming collection, all by herself.

An aside: I never knew pumps would work with a kaftan so well. I would usually just go with something that borders on formal/corporate. Meh.

If you’re a sucker for shoes and accessories, make sure you bring someone in tow to provide emotional support and possibly safe-keep your wallet. If you’re part of Shopaholics Anonymous, do not be within 100 metres of this store. (Or actually, don’t be in Singapore altogether.) It’s floor-to-ceiling walls of really affordable shoes, bags and little things in this new store located in #B3-52 ION Orchard.


As the Jak & Jil phenomenon goes, if you’ve got a killer/crazy shoe, you win.

Well if you’ve got YSLs, Louboutins, Alaias, and Balenciagas, we’ll save those for another post. We got another kinda of crazy going on – the cartoon kind. I don’t really own anything crazy/cartoon, but my irises turn a poufy heart shape when I look at them. ❤

Lulu, Muse, Kicki, Jodie

I came across Minna Parikka in Helsinki, Finland where I spent about five hours in as a lay-over on a cruise from Stockholm. And like most Finnish designs, her stuff manages to look a kooky cute but lady-like sleek at the same time, just like Marimekko, Alessi and Georg Jensen in their lifestyle/homeware products.

And here are some that talk, lace-up like corsets, and blend in with your stockings.

Minna Parikka also does knitwear, bags, gloves and masks. All just as sweet, but not saccharine – tolerably accented with heart-shapes and bows. Sadly for newly-graduated-and-without-sufficient-financial-support-to-aid-mindless-spending me, everything is priced a scary €200 and upwards.

An aside: Irregular Choice might be what comes to mind for most when I mention crazy shoes, but well.. it is a too much of an uhhh, irregular choice.

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Shoe lust

This is what Bagaholicboy thinks should be my Christmas present..

All I have to say is:


Alan Shum, are you reading? (mad chuckling) For your convenience I will put it plainly. It is part of the Spring 2010 collection from Louis Vuitton. You can find the location and telephone number of LV here. Start saving.

Okay, I kid, I kid.

But the leather (you hardly see this grain on shoes… only bags)! The mini tassels! The stray leather ribbons! Oh it has a lace-up too! The wooden platform! The oddly tapered heel! That I think it’ll hit my ankles without making my calves look ginormouser! Exclamation marks!

Picture sources.

Clothed in shoes

Pedder Red has a a new collaboration with Wyman Wong, a multi-tasking celeb (of sorts?) from Hong Kong.

He created a tantalising five-piece collection inspired by the tailoring and work of fashion designers such as Martin Margiela, Christophe Decarin, and Yves Saint Laurent, and you’ll see why in the pictures.



Biker chains and mini dress for Christophe (Balmainia, Balmainia, Balmainia), and a poufy sweetheart tiered dress for Oscar.

How adorable, how adorable, HOW ADORABLE ARE THESE?


YVES_Pedder Red 005b_SGD359

No prizes for guessing, this is Yves. The tuxedo at the back actually has two heels so that the trousers work better, and the flappy collar, lapel and bow-tie looks like a pretty bow at the back of the shoe from far.


Martin – The one with the mannequin on spindly legs is just pure sechzzzzz. So hawt!

My boyfriend was there with me in Pedder Red over the weekend to give his opinion and help me decide – but to no avail. When I saw the pictures, Yves was mine. But when I tried Martin on, I was torn.

Martin or Yves? Tough choice innit? Help me decide!