Shoot me

(Prior to this week..)

Yes, please shoot me because I wasn’t blogging responsibly and timelyly (lol) even though I was free since the 29th of November and I left Sarah to blog while she still had exams, 473920 group meetings (I’ve never seen her report card but I bet she tops everything, and she is in student council), was practically sleeping in school, had an overseas community project to prepare for (she’s a saint), and goodness knows what else.

I had a reason for my tardiness! But the reason kinda expired um, a few weeks ago, heh.

Sooo… here’s the reason.

Making maximusus use of our tiny prep table.

My friend, who sells some stunning jewellry, was also involved in some shots of her own.

Anybody knows where the place is? (: Not a very exciting place, but yea…

The m4d ph0t0g.

Baaaascially, it’s the help and work of a few friends. Pretty fun stuff, and stressful too, especially with the rain.

The final pics coming up… um, soon! I’m not very confident of them, it being my first “shoot”, and it’s very all-over-the-place, so, we’ll wait till I get over it hahaha.