Sneak peek
Sunday 12 December 2010, 11:22 am
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Max Tan treated us to a sneak peek of his upcoming Spring Summer collection after the Parco next-Next fashion show two weeks ago and we were all over the new garments.

You know he never disappoints, and as we were acquainted with the new rack, we set our eyes on this soft grey melange top-and-skirt ensemble:

The subtly paneled top ends with a circle of folds, and then integrates seamlessly into the heavily draped skirt. I have no words.

Here’s a mind-teaser/mind-boggling piece – a dress that melds into a rectangular skirt when held up. How is such an idea conceived? How does that even happen? My mind is blown. (Or I am stupid.)


Hansel’s new home
Saturday 4 December 2010, 9:39 am
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Walking into hansel’s new home in Mandarin Gallery #02-14 is kinda like walking into a fantasy dollhouse. Incredibly made up with everything hand-drawn, it’s cute and kitschy, but so well executed, grown women who are really adoring fans of the 7-year-old label buy the heartfelt effort hook, line and sinker.

The floor-to-ceiling sharpie on paper drawings and props make you wanna linger, and try just about everything on the sales floor, especially pieces from the current season, which you saw here.

My favourite of all – a long-sleeved laced sweater priced at S$129, also available in a sleeveless top and short-sleeved dress. Love the contrasting black and cream! I’m thinking if it were to be all cream, it might be granny, not girly.

Annddd….. The ballooons!!!!!!!!! They’re stuck to the ceiling!!!!!!! How cute is thatt????????

Sigh. I wanna redecorate my room like that, just that nothing really functions.

Also in store are adorable knick-knacks like eyeglasses cards and yummy accessories set on exquisite hand-drawn paper silverware.

Like Laila of Rock the Trend tweeted, hansel is kinda like Singapore’s Moschino – quirky and girly all at the same time. You can see that in designer, Jo Soh herself, and her fans as well!

From left to right, myself, Qin (Qin at the Disco), X-wen (Fash Eccentric), and Dottie (D for Dot) (who was also guest-tweeting for Mandarin Gallery that night).

Sooo here’s my suggested itinerary for this weekend: First to Mandarin Gallery for Hansel, then to Topshop Knightsbridge just across the road. Yeap that should busy you for most of the afternoon. Don’t bring your boyfriend along, unless he’s very patient and also The One… who pays for your shopping! 😛

[Spotlight] next-NEXT

It’s a good feeling to be kinda sheltered while you’re still young and growing. And that is what PARCO@MILLENIAWALK’s doing with The Fashion Incubator Programme.

Young and up-and-coming designers with their own labels, but without a strong distribution channel can look forward to becoming part of a 6,000 sq feet Fashion Incubator space, complete with mentorship, business development support and training programme.

This idea was imported from Parco in Japan, and ooohhh, doesn’t it sound like a dream? At least after a lot of hard work.

Mmmm. I often dream about having my own clothing line, or shop, or work with my mum at her florist’s, but I tend to forget that oh, at the end of the day, it’s business, it’s entrepreneurship. (Yes, even though I’m studying business… lol)



Here’s Priscilla, formerly from Swirl, but now with her own label, Chalk! – which very much embodies her, if I can say so. Cute as a button (and polka dots) and way sweet. Look out for her and some other designers, because

wottoncool is giving away


which includes a fashion show of the creations by the 25 designers,
happening Friday, 6 November, 7pm.

To win these passes, all you have to do is,
1) Be a friend of us on Facebook,
2) Update your facebook status with, “@Wottoncool Sarah Jo, I wanna go to PARCO@MILLENIAWALK’s next-NEXT Designer of the Year 2009!” ASAP, LIKE, NOW?!?!

If you’re one of the first five who do so, we’ll inform you via a facebook message, so do check!


Action! Action! Action! See you there! (: