Well-heeled #2: Shito

Blogging about the fashion scene in Singapore excites me. But if you haven’t noticed.. it has mostly been about clothes. Drapey garments. Maybe some accessories. Things that go on hangers and racks.

Luckily for us, Alice Soedirman and Cheryl Mok of Shito have not forgotten about dressing up our feet.

The year-old shoe label is all about sultry suede and leather confections that are as edgy as they are uncompromisingly feminine. What they want for their shoes is to empower the wearer, and I think I can safely say that they do a pretty damn fine job of that. The black tasselled wedge is a special collaboration with Max Tan, and I adore it. Man I think I mention the guy/his label a bit too much.

Their signature shape is a bulbous upturned toe-box with a centre-fold – somewhat strange in an almost animalistic manner at first, but somehow frames our feet so well. They are said to be pretty kind on the feet and wear comfortably too.

Styling them on a platter with cookies, strawberries and chocolate drizzle just make them all the more desirable, don’t you think? Even the simple ballet flats. I’d polish off the entire serving.

Shito has been retailing at Blackmarket, Ztamp, Antipodean and its own online store since its inception, and to my surprise, has also joined the new rotation of designers at Parco’s next Next fashion Incubator.

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Well-heeled #1: Full speed ahead

Sarah and I love shoes, but not crazy enough to bankrupt ourselves on a pair of YSLs and chase the hottest off the runway ala Jane from Sea of Shoes (we would literally swim in her sea of shoes). Here’s 4-part series of heels that deserve just as much of our attention, and are a little more attainable for us mere mortals.

I am usually not in favour of anything that reminds me of cardiovascular activities (ew, persipration!), and no, try as they may, there is no way that running shoes and trainers look drop-dead-gorgeous or heart-wrenchingly desirable on anybody who’s taking them any further from the track or gym.

This is why it is imperative for a sportwear brand to really rip apart every traditional notion of a sports shoe, do away with performance, keep the comfort, then piece them back with lots of useless but aesthetically-cool (really, that’s all we need) findings, and no less than a four-inch heel.

Puma has been doing an admirable job of that, especially with Hussein Chalayan for its Urban Mobility collection. Sarah was (and still is… if I’m not wrong!) lusting after this fine suede and leather being here.

Prior to this, there was also this pair by the late Alexander McQueen. Love the contrasting leather panels, how it wraps around the wedge, and cut-outs round the ankles.

Adidas has Japanese designer, Yohji Yamamoto to thanks for the nearly decade-long collaboration in the form of Y-3. This season’s fancy footwear includes a high-cut boot wedge with pretty unconventional lacing…

And an elastic lace-up heel that bravely breaks away from the sneaker-wedge stereotypes. This I like.

In case you were wondering how to rock shoes these, just do as Betty does.

If you’ve got any secret shoe favourites, do share!

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How better to start the week, than to talk about Fridays.

Two Fridays ago, my boyfriend and I were running around Chinatown and Ann Siang Hill checking out what’s changed in this part of Singapore we often neglect.

We went into The Little Dröm Store for the first time, and I felt it necessary to take back a little something with me, no matter how useless – like these ultra-fashionable five stones, which I hand-picked from a jar with at least twelve different patterns and contrast stitching. I decided on a black and white striped and polka-dotted one to coordinate with what I was wearing that day – a striped boatneck tee and my bubble wrap and jersey neck piece.

I loved playing five stones when I was in primary and secondary school. We used to have different levels (up to… 22 I think?) and then we’d play the same levels with one hand, with our left hand and so on. Anybody remembers the game sequence? I am only sure of up to um… level 4, haha. Please help my five stones are getting lonely :/

I’m not sure where the game originated from, and I’m quite sure kids nowadays don’t play it, as evidenced by my sister’s play things.

We also had a beautifully striped (fine… layered) strawberry and champagne mousse cake and a pot of earl grey from Kki – a stylish and delectable little cake and cafe corner that resides within the Little Dröm Store. I desperately need to go there again!

While making our way back we walked along the back alleys. This group of expats paused at this amazing wall and one of them said, “I don’t know about you, but I think if we want to make a lot of money we should go into air-conditioning”.

As they say, the Carrier man can!

Who’s next-next?

Parco’s first installment of next-Next fashion designers have reached their one-year’s lease in the departmental store. Now, a new creative collective joins them for the second year, and leading the pack for 2011 is AKA Wayward by Mun Foong – the 31-year-old designer won the show last Friday at Millenia Walk.

She likes taking things apart, and sheepishly piecing them back together, and that pretty much explains the colour-and-print-blocked suits and shirts she rolled out on the runway.

The rip-and-repair process may sound like a tad bit like looking into the mind of a three-year-old, but the effect, surprisingly, works out swell. But! it sorta reminds me of Miu Miu Spring/Summer 2010 (cats, doves, naked ladies…), albeit with farm feathered friends.

I could see myself wearing these menswear pieces, and mixing the prints up in a single garment makes us feel bolder to do likewise with our other clothes. Sooo, thumbs up on both counts!

Do you feel slightly emboldened too?

You can start shopping for these and other upcoming local fashion designer wares at Level 2 of Parco Marina Bay in Millenia Walk, Singapore.

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Lily the Lady

Happy Sunday to you! Hope your weekend has been well so far… anyway,

Have you met Lily? Oh no? Here let me introduce. Apparently she’s always in lace and eye glasses (see that layered lace capelet??), which is cute and alluring. But I’m kinda more interested in the non-lace pieces that she wears.

Like these diagonal-striped cardigans and cardigan-dresses that are actually in a zig-zag print. Looks awesome under some solid khaki.

The lace, eyeglasses and the whole collection will be at hansel’s birthday party at their new home in Mandarin Gallery. You could join us at the party if you join our giveaway, right here!

Unifem Give to Save & Buy to Save 2010

What you don’t wear can help you support UNIFEM Singapore in their efforts to create awareness and help women and children in need!

Rummage through your cupboard to find those designer pieces you thought you’d squeeze into eventually, bought on a whim and never really wore, cos someone else will buy it and love it and the proceeds will all go to charity. Just like this Armani bag donated by Nuyou’s Grace Lee, and Comme des Garcon lace skirt by Female magazine’s Jeannette Eljersen.

Bring your wares to Give-to-Save, happening at #01-06 Forum the Shopping Mall between 10.30am and 7.30pm from 24-28 December for the kind folks of UNIFEM and Club 21 to collect, consolidate, price and ready them for  next week’s Buy-to-Save!

Can’t wait to be rummaging through your closets!

[Giveaway] Hansel is 7!

Hansel is 7 this year! It hardly seems so because every season feels fresh. The store is moving to Mandarin Gallery come December, and that calls for a biggg birthday party!!!!!!

To qualify, you have to like us on Facebook and follow us on Twitter (@wearewottoncool).

Write us your wittiest, cleverest, cutest birthday wish for hansel, and one winner (picked by designer Jo Soh) will receive a new limited edition hansel t-shirt to commemorate the occasion, and invitation for two to attend the VIP + Media preview party at hansel’s new shop on Friday, 3rd December.

Enter this into the comments, together with your name, email address, twitter username, and click the “Say It!” button.

Giveaway closes on 2359h, Monday, 30th December 2010. Go!

ActuallyActually Shoe Sale. No, really.

If like me, you pretend to love heels, but really, live in flats. Or really, just adore shoes. Or is of the female species, you’d be glad to know that ActuallyActually at 16A Purvis Street is having 50% shoe sale now! Storewide! On this year’s spring/summer and some autumn/winter collections by Silent, Suecomma Bonnie, GCloset,  Pretty Ballerina, Rokin, Gram, o.x.s. and  Kiroic.

Good to revive a flailing mid-week, but Friday (public holiday!) is coming sooner than you know (:


Young & Restless

Anytime you need to be inspired, you should be visiting Test Shoot Gallery. Headed by creative director and stylist, Ashburn Eng, the man himself is boundless energy. And he channels this energy to good use in his new collaboration with local designer, Max Tan.

Young & Restless, designed by Ashburn for Max Tan’s principle line, is the product of their shared aesthetics. The first collection, Ritual, is conservative Amish-meets-military-meets superwoman. Who would have thought you’d see these words in the same sentence?

The pieces are drenched in shades of deep, almost thought-provoking blue. The maxi skirt-pants are the most genius of all. I’ve just cleared out a spot in my wardrobe between my dresses and dress pants just for this baby.

I think this duo can do no wrong. Ashburn and Max – please stay young and restless.

Visit the maxtan store in Level 2 of Parco in Milennia Walk for Young & Restless.

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Made for all

There are a few reasons why I love Uniqlo. Among them is how affordable, wearable, well-made and innovative the clothes are.

And for a new reason, devastatingly beautifully repackaged and coming soon to a Uniqlo near you…

…the hot-bodied, curly-haired, super-suave male in Orlando Bloom typifying the Japanese brand’s pledge to be “Made for All” – more affordable, wearable, well-made and innovative clothes for us mall rats.

I can’t wait to see more of him with Charlize Theron. I remember when Utt was the face of Giordano in the early 00’s – I lingered outside the stores and gazed into this larger-than-life eyes. Now, I will do anything for my Legolas…

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