Watch your back

Take a bicycle, plant a fashionable person on it and you have about 5000 coos from all over the world, simultaneously.

You wanna see everything, the clothes, the accessories, the person, the bike, the gear (basket? SO CUTE!), but Downtown from Behind shoots everyone in landscape and from the back, all around NYC. (Apparently only every street below 14th, but I have no bearings of New
York at all so I can’t say much about that.)

The subject is doesn’t dominate the picture, sized kinda sneakily, shot a tad bit voyeuristic, and you cannot help but feel that little bit more enticed with every scroll and every picture.

Plus, it’s cool that there’s a tiny tidbit of info with every person shot. Cos we all wanna know everything about the next person we don’t know now (they come from alllll walks of life, not just too-hip-it-hurts vintage store owners and the whole shebang), don’t we?

But really, I personally find this whole stylish pedaling thing romantic because… I cannot ride a bike. Boo!

Picture credits to here.

Stockholm Syndrome

Multi-wear top/dress/tunic, from Baylene. Asymmetrical draped cardigan, from COS. Leggings, from Topshop.

I rarely had outfits nice enough to warrant any attention while I was travelling. This was one of those days I decided to look a little more than drab… cos I was in Stockholm. Isn’t that reason enough? Can’t look like a sartorial fail beyond-repair with everyone else looking like they were a post ripped off The Sartorialist or Face Hunter.

For those of you who might have come across the title of this post before – yes it’s a song by Muse, but also a real paradoxical psychological phenomenon that you can read up on wiki. No, it doesn’t actually refer to the psychological phenomenon of wanting to dress better when in Stockholm.

Photo by my boyfriend.


I betcha some of you got excited at the title cos people-watching’s become your favourite past-time now, right?

My boyfriend and I honed extra-elite people-watching and paparazzi photo-taking skillz (okay the latter belonged more to him) during our two-month trip around Europe. (Oh yes, hello!! It’s been a while! :D) It kinda peaked in Copenhagen and Stockholm.

We were wearing the same clothes every other day and was stopping ourselves from going crazy at the sales cos our backpacks only hold that much real estate.

These two people were everything I wish we looked like and wore then: Stick-out-like-a-sore thumb tourists in ratty tatty shirt worn in rotation with six other tops to last two months, jeans – worn almost every other day, plus crummy boat shoes VS Important-looking duo in a cute dress without creases, freshly pressed shirt, black leather heels, chinos with upturned hems, and Alexander Wang’s Rocco studded bag, of course.

Photo by my boyfriend.