Sarah celebrated turning 22 (!) on Wednesday.

And I’ve gotta thank my friends for going through the extra pains to meet my irrational likes this week. <3!

The week started off with a high tea treat at the uber swank Equinox at Swissotel The Stamford.

Thank you Sentil. Must have cost a bomb.

I wouldn’t mind a TWG Tea corner in my house too (;


On Wednesday,

I was in school for a full day of meetings and work-related stuff. My exco got me a cake (that I only saw 2 days later. Stole this photo off facebook).

Hahas. This requires a bit of explanation…

I never saw my cake in it’s pristine un-cut form (as shown above) cos I don’t typically like to have my own birthday cake, for a very irrational reason that I shan’t delve into now.

How I like cake, is when everyone has a slice. With a lit candle each. And sing to one another. So it looks like its everyone’s birthday. I find it more fun and pleasant this way.


They actually went through the pains of dividing the cake first before serving it.

In addition, because someone stole all the staplers from our work room, I felt very impaired with the lack of a the proper stationary around for me to do my work efficiently. Resorting to paperclips and scavenger hunting for stuff. And had been lamenting for the entire week about how crippled I felt without the stationary around, they got me a whole box of stationary, labeled with my name and all (: Most thoughtful and unexpected present ever.

Thank you 10th SMUSA Exco! Much love 😀 <3!

After this cake surprise, I rushed off to meet another group of friends.

I knew something was up. But just played along.

My instructions were to meet at Potong Pasir MRT.

Then I got blindfolded and whisked away. My friend drove round in circles. We even stopped for water (with me still blindfolded) cos the germ gods gave me a flu and fever on my birthday as well.

Then drove even more till we reached…

My boyfriend’s condo, where another group of school friends surprised me and we had a small barbeque. (: A few people ps-ed, thus the gap in the photo… to tag them. Can’t blame them though, they were not feeling well too.

Good food, Great Company. Thank you SFs +1, OCD and Bren. I enjoyed myself thoroughly. (:


What’s a birthday without presents?! (:

Bren got me a Tiffany and Co. Hammered Ring.

Simple and understated. And he got it 2 weeks earlier because the very nice staff at the Raffles Hotel store told me they would be conducting their annual upward re-valuation of all stock by the end of that week.

Dad got me a Blackberry Bold 9700.

And I’m waiting for the data plan to kick in. Slurps. Then I’ll be on facebook and twitter on the go! (((:

Then this last item wasn’t an intended present. But the school had a lucky draw and guess what?! I won! (:

I’m now the proud owner of a Sony Cyerbershot DSC-T90, in a very sexy and very me colour – aqua blue. (:

Last on my wishlist is a skincare regime, as a treat and investment for myself.

I’m considering between

Shu Uemura (which seriously has the best marketing),

SK-II (with 90% Pitera)

And Olay (couldn’t find a sexier image to represent the brand).

Any recommendations/personal experiences to share?