[Spotlight] Sarah Swee – Singapore’s Next Fashion Superblogger – Challenge 3

Inspired by Susie Bubble and Sass&Bide SS2010’s tribal & embellished influences, played up cardi’s angular knit with braided belt neckpiece.


Black Dress – $49.50, Puma (U.P. $99.00)
Cream Knit Cardigan – $59.00, BossiniStyle
Thin Leather Cuff worn as neckpiece – $19.90, Man Master
Braided Belt worn as neckpiece – $22.00, Bus Stop
Brown Cutout Ankle Booties – $23.90, Milan Collection
Safety Pins worn as shoe embellishments – $4.30, Chamelon
Silver Textured Cuff – $12.00, Perfect Jewelry
Metallic Clutch – Blogger’s own


Before talking about my inspiration for this look, I thought I’d show you some close-ups.

The thin leather cuff is looped around my neck twice and weaved between the braids of the belt. The belt then loops round my body and is folded back into the braids.

Back view. Its really the angled pattern of the knit that inspired this look. I wanted to play up the harder aspect of this piece rather than go all granny with this cardigan.

And my shoes. The safety pins are grouped into bunches of about three and alternated, front to back, back to front with a pin going through the lot vertically, acting as both a hinge and lock to prevent them from shifting out of shape.

The idea came from this look from Sass and Bide SS2010, that I had blogged about earlier.

Check out the shoes. ❤

Furthermore, the idea for the belt came after reading this post by Susie Bubble.


But on retrospect, it mirrors this more.

These were some of the other combinations that I tried out. There were more, trust me. But I did not document all of them. Sorry.

There is a very interesting story with regards to how this look came together.

Firstly, it was quite rushed because the deadline was just after a string of assignments and presentations were due in school. So this look came together 2 days before submission and 1 day before I had arranged to shoot with Steph, to whom I still owe my life.

That Saturday morning, I woke up late for class (oops!) and rushed out of the house in a flurry. My bag was small. I had a lot of things to carry. The cardigan, did not make the cut in my split-second decision-making in the moments before I zoomed out of the front door.

So after class had ended. I made my way to Tampines 1 (again). Without the challenge item.

Brilliant eh?

(We contemplated sending this photo, above, for submission to the organizers. hahas. Would have been funny. Not flattering, but funny :D)

So first thing on my agenda was to try on a cardi at the store and imprint it into my memory so that I could commence my styling with an impression of how the cardi would mix with the items I pick out.

Armed with a rough idea of the cardigan, I shopped around. And usually I buy a item that is integral to the look. In the first challenge, the jacket. And in the second, the skirt.

In a sense, I stayed true to this fundamental guideline. However, at that point in time, with little sleep and my brain out of whack, the first thing I bought was…

The belt!

Yup. The belt.

The braids and buckle really caught my eye. And if you are wondering (and even if you aren’t), in the shop, in front of the staff attending to me, instead of putting the belt around my waist as any sane person would do, I looked it around my neck.

It felt awkward. And I did hesitate. But after going back-and-forth about it in my head, I left reason to one side and tried out my idea.

By itself, it couldn’t reach around my body as much as I would have liked.

Just thought I”d figure something out later.

Next item to catch my attention was the leather cuff. I was considering a men’s shirt initially but I think subliminally, the need for another belt-like something to go with the belt I had purchased minutes before was more pressing.

AND I didn’t try putting them together before making payment.

I’m mad, aren’t I?

So part of the look was settled. It was only then, that I decided, ‘I need a black dress’.

And having worked with and attended Puma events in the past, I thought I’d give the shop a go. And as luck would have it, they did have a black dress in my size at half price! 😀

Now, my memory fails me. I can’t quite recall the order now. Was the the shoes or dress than came first?

Well, doesn’t matter much I suppose.

The shoes were slightly tight, but suited the overall look I was going for. And the staff there were really friendly. (: They would have been yummier if they were platforms but I didn’t have high hopes of finding a more suited pair, so these were staying.

So the look was more or less complete. I went back to BossiniStyle to regroup and test out my look.

It was fair.

But seemed to be lacking something.

After crunching in the numbers, I still had about $41 to spend. So with that money, I bought an embellished top and the safety pins and was a total of $0.05 under the $500.00 allowance given.


But when it came to the shooting, it didn’t work as well. So I lost the embellished top and stuck with this simplified look.

So there it is.

The judges comments can be found here and vote here (:

Thank you!

[Spotlight] Sarah Swee – Singapore’s Next Fashion Superblogger – Challenge 1

I kept it simple and fuss-free to feature great finds with a mix of feminine and sporty elements, accessories keep things interesting too.



Pleather Cropped Jacket – $69.90, Cache Cache
Mustard Yellow Basic Tank – $9.90 (U.P.: $14.90), Uniqlo
Navy and Cream Polka Dot Scarf (worn as belt) – $22.90, Gilvan
Mushroom Pencil Skirt – $49.90, bYSI
Champion Stone Canvas Keds Shoes – $45.90, World of Sports
Wood Watch – $28.00, Time Network
Hair ties (worn as rings on both hands) – $0.50, Camelon
Hair ties (worn as bracelet) – $1.00, Camelon
Owl Ring – Blogger’s own


Thought I’d attempt a poem to describe the experience (:

Even though exams loom close
Felt we deserved an excitement dose.
So threw in the gauntlet
and took up the challenge
Let me describe how this look happened.

It started off
with the daunting task
Please style 3 looks
Budget – Five hundred
Not a penny past!

Challenge number one,
A bYSI skirt.

Bee-lined to Cache Cache
Found a jacket of butter-soft pleather,
that protects from rain
and cold weather.

In a search for shoes,
an unexpected find.
at Royal Sporting House,
Stone Keds Shoes,
Worth every single dime.

The main look’s almost settled,
But what do I need?
A pop of colour
and perhaps,
a bit of tweed.

These came in the form
of a Uniqlo tank.
As well as the softest scarf
That didn’t break the bank.

It’s time to accessorize!
Like icing on a cake
The wood watch and hair ties
Don’t leave the look half-baked.

Hope you like this look,
It took much time to create.
With utmost sincerity,
Please sms* or visit Facebook
To cast your vote. (For Sarah AND Jo)

*Check the Life Section of today’s (2 April 2010) for more info on how to vote.


P.S.: Will come up with close up of products soon!

P.P.S.: Read Judges’ comments here!!! (Its so weird to have my style critiqued. Plus they don’t like me much ))): *super sad face)

[Spotlight] ST Urban & T1: Singapore’s Next Fashion Superblogger

With some prodding from friends and readers, I entered Jo and myself for The Straits Times Urban and Tampines 1’s Singapore’s Next Fashion Superblogger search.

And we make up two of the six finalists vying for $2,500 worth of AsiaMalls Vouchers.

Here are some of the others girls at the competition briefing.

With a budget of $500, we each have to create 3 looks incorporating a weekly challenge ‘feature item’ (a skirt, pair of shoes and a top) to showcase our personal style using items purchased from Tampines 1.

We will be judged based on our

Originality – 30pts
Styling Skills – 30pts
Writing Skills – 15 pts
Overall Image – 20pts
Fan votes* – 5pts (Urban readers – 3pts, Tampines 1 Facebook Fan Page – 2pts)

*only the blogger with the highest votes via Urban and Facebook receive bonus points (also read as: EVERY.VOTE.COUNTS!)

Expect our first look in next week’s Urban (2 April 2010, mark your calendars yo!), you’ll also be able to see our looks on our blog as well.

Be a facebook fan to cast your votes. (Not sure how the Urban voting will be like, but vote that way too!) Get your family, friends, colleagues, neighbours, strangers and lovers to vote too ok? (:

Its a bit weird that Jo and I are competing against one another but on the other hand, it’s fun to we are both doing this. Stay tuned and vote!

We have a 33.34% chance of Wottoncool coming in top three! hahas.

Ok. Off to find my second look.

Hope to see you at Tampines 1

Wottoncool at Tampines 1 Official Opening

Picture 007

Jo and I attended the Official Opening of Tampines 1 on 17 July 2009.

Picture 001

Held on the Tampines 1 Mall Rooftop, the area was transformed with pretty tentages (the weather has been very erratic) and multitudes of industrial-standard coolers and mist machines to keep guests cool and happy.

Picture 012

And that is not forgetting the elaborate decorations…

Everywhere you turned, there was something interesting and eye-catching to oogle at.

Picture 017

And lets not forget the food!!!

Smart move to have mall tenants provide food for the event. I’m not much of a foodie, but without a doubt, two thumbs up (!!!) it was really good. (:

There were macaroons,  J.Co mini donuts and Bakerzin desserts…

Picture 009

drooling yet? 😀

Picture 010

There were also three sushi chefs stationed there for the entire evening, frantically folding, rolling, pressing, cutting, arranging sushi for guests to eat. (Thank you sushi chefs, you are appreciated!)

Picture 011

Picture 024

We soaked up the atmosphere and ate the our food to a live 4-piece ensemble who serenaded through the night.

Picture 015

Drinks, alcoholic or otherwise, were freely flowing through the night. (wah! big budget can?!‘)

And the white wine they were serving was the shiz!!! I could have downed an entire bottle because it was that yummy. *slurps (:

Picture 019

In addition to the decor, food and drinks, Mr. Brad Blaze, speed painter based in Sydney, Australia, was wandering around the rooftop, doing caricature drawings of guests upon request.

Picture 020

Picture 021Picture 022

Seriously, Tampines 1, where do you get all your money from!!! I’d like some too!

And if you think a rooftop party with tentage and fans, freely flowing alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks and donuts, macaroons, shotglass desserts, cakes and sushi, (did I also mention that the 15+ waiters kept asking us if we wanted hors d’oeuvres through the night!), live music, Aussie artist and photographers taking guests photographs…

Picture 029

We each went home with a party favour – a bottle of wine!




Thank you for inviting us Tampines 1! (:

Titanic of a weekend

The Easter weekend is gonna be a busy one for both of us!


Thursday 9 April & Friday 10 April

Tampines 1
Opens TOMORROW! More retail and gastronomic goodness comes to the East (where neither of us live, but will frequent because of the great new concepts and new brands opening). Check out the Tampines 1 blog here and play the Spring to Life game to win vouchers or a Sony Vaio Notebook!

Need. We. Say. More. I’m going back on Thursday when it opens. I wanna change one of the pieces that I got on Monday. They’ve got 30 day exchange policy. Unlike most of the super ngiao (miserly) 3 or 7 days that local stores usually give. Isn’t that wonderful? (:


Be sure to get your daily dose of Uniqlo Surprise from here. You might win wallpapers, discount vouchers, or even a trip to Tokyo!

I only got the limited edition wallpaper today… Better luck tomorrow!


Click here if you wanna download it.


Saturday 11 April &  Sunday 12 April

The Flea Titan @ Mt Sophia
Why Titan? Because this flea promises to be the largest flea market ever (locally??? I’m not sure) as it congregates sellers from Singapore and KL for two afternoons of procurement of (potentially purposeful – if you convince yourself enough for some of the items) paraphernalia.

It will be held at Old School, 7 Mt Sophia. Pretty inaccessible by foot, if you ask me. Mostly due to the presence of never-ending slopes and stairs… but there will be shuttle buses to ferry lazy people (all fingers to Jo) from Plaza Singapura!

More information here.

My sister will be participating in this flea and she’ll be selling lots of delectable delights such as a pair of patent Doc Martens and some secondhand (but still very desirable) items. She kindly volunteered to help me sell some items too, so make sure you go down!

Take a look at what she’ll be selling here.


Then comes the less-than-savoury part of our weekend: Studying. Sarah’s got examinations and Jo’s got presentations next week. Boo.

This weekend is so much of a Titanic that we had to plan and write it out to sort out our thoughts. Still, we’re eagerly waiting for Fashionation‘s Things to Do this Weekend to add to our list! 😀

Did I just make you open nearly ten tabs on your browser? Bwahaha. What will you be busy with? (:

Green Grins

Here’s what we wore to the Uniqlo Store Preview:


Pardon the mop on my head as a terrible excuse for hair. And the hole in fringe! Omg I hate holes in my fringe ): I wake up with a centre parting everyday.


Here’s my not-so-epic outfit

Top: White tank top with cygnet (swan) embroidery from Laurie Foon
Cardigan: Black double-breasted short sleeved jersey cardigan from Aliya.net
Bottoms: Black shiny leggings from ebay
Shoes: Silver crackled flats from Cotton On. I wear these too much.
Accessories: Polka dot handkerchief from Mango, watch from Marc by Marc Jacobs
Bag: Recycled PVC banner bag from Demano at The Lawn and Uniqlo’s gift bag


Very basic white Tank Top: U2 Ladies
Textured Belt: Alaia (from Jo’s $1 Goodness)
Drop-Crotch Pants with Button Detailing: Abyzz by Desmond Yang
Shoes: Charles & Keith

Bags: Adidas and Uniqlo goodie bag

Watch out for these babies from Abyzz by Desmond Yang. They can be transformed into a long-sleeved top, tunic, halter-neck and many other incarnations we have yet to discover! It’s from the same series as these cardigan, one-piece, dress thing that Jo bought.

More about it soon!

Tampines 1 – Uniqlo!

Tampines 1 is the newest mall to hit suburbia Singapore, BUT this time you should not be expecting the kind of shops you usually see in the heartlands. Expect greater things, like Topshop, Springfield, Kappa, the kind of stores that are , well I wouldn’t say relegated to, but usually open in the city.

We love that it strives to bring in new concepts and new retailers to Singapore. It’s easy to dimiss new malls nowadays.. what with the economic downturn, lack of tenants and creativity blah blah blah. With Tampines 1 there will be no economic downturn for me. Pump in the consumption and investments, I say!


It has landed! We pined for it and lusted for it to come to Singapore, and now that it’s in Singapore we’re pining and lusting for more of its wares!


We were invited to the Uniqlo Store Preview before Tampines 1 has its soft opening on Thursday.


There was Media Frenzy as Mr. Tadashi Yanai addressed everyone. And expenses were not spared at cocktails and hors d’oeuvres were freely flowing throughout the 2-hour event/shopping experience (((:

Wthin half an hour of the store preview, pieces like the fleece blazer SGD69.90 and denim shirt (price unknown, at least to me because it flew into the happy baskets of fellow shoppers) almost ran out.

I can’t imagine how it would be like on the first day of its opening to the public. Sarah says campers, I say CHAOS! What do you think? What are you expecting?


The store front is deceptive. You’d think it looks pretty shallow at a glance, but really, it is a generous L-shaped enclave that houses all the goodies that Uniqlo offers in ALL its stores.


Another great thing about shopping at Uniqlo is the staff. I’m quite picky about how salespersons service their customers (I am a part-time one myself) and I must say it is hard to find a balance. No customer wants the salesperson to be a shadow. Do they have any clue how annoying that is? On the contrary, no customer wants to be left completely alone.

All over the world – I think Uniqlo’s staff are employed, and/or trained to an optimum level of friendliness, politeness, and helpfulness. They greet you (multiple times!) and make sure you acknowledge that they are at your service and willing to assist.

I was quite amused when I first stepped into Uniqlo at Festival Walk in Hong Kong. Firstly, I never heard “Foon yeng gong lum” in my life, which loosely translates to “(feel) welcome to browse/shop”, and they said that every 5 second because there were so many new customers.

I don’t think that there’s such a thing as too much hype over Uniqlo, because they seem to always deliver. Japanese quality standards are impecable! <3!


And as part of the goodie bag, we were each given a $100 voucher (!!!) How could we resist the opportunity to shop!?!

(Thus the slight lack of proper photos, we were busy. 😀 sorry!)


We’ll blog about our purchases soon!

Uniqlo even has a small room lined with sewing machines to alter your purchases within the day! Just remember to wear fuss-free shoes to shop. You have to remove your shoes before entering the fitting room cubicles.


Happy with our purchases and amused by the screens in the mannequins…

Make sure you’re at Uniqlo, Tampines 1, on Thursday 9 April, to snatch a piece of Uniqlo!

Stay tuned as we bring you more exciting new stuff from Tampines 1!

And as the screen very aptly says: