On Sunday, I had the opportunity to check out Jo’s infamous $1 Thrift Store from which she has gotten many enviable gems.


Within half an hour, we found goodies aplenty! 😀


I’m really excited with the purchases!

But alas! We aren’t keeping most of our finds.

Jo and I have something planned…


And you could be the proud owner of the contents of these bags!!!

Stay Tuned!!!

[edited: click here for details!]

Thrift away!

Since jo put up a post on thrift finds, thought I’d write something about it too. (Although, i must say that i highly doubt i could out-trump her glamourette find with a better bargain)

Recently, I helped a freelance photographer friend (say that 5 times!) style a photoshoot (photos will be posted when i get them 😀 ! ) to build her portfolio. We went to the Salvation Army Family Thrift Store at 309 Upper Serangoon Road. (there are other outlets as well)

And these are a few of our finds…

Navy floral print vest/top (a cute mid-drift in its hey-day, with no missing buttons!)

Small circular pouch with embossed and stitched details. (the strap was falling apart, so i swapped it with a strap from another bag.. tts why the strap looks slightly disproportioned with the small pouch)

(and my favourite!) a picnic basket!! or maybe a dog carrier?

hahas. I just thought this bag was so cute. cant wait to bring it to school/go for a picnic/maybe even visit the beach. (and all because of the bag!!!)

Do you find that there are some things that simply compel you to do things just so you can show it off?

a new cocktail dress = night out with the girls for drinks

new beach tote = an afternoon on Palawan beach soaking up the sun

And not only do you have to go places/do things, you must dress to match the item.. hahas. (: i do that.

Anyway, the reason we hit the thrift store was because the shoot was on a tight budget. We got the top for $4 and the bags for $12 each. Reasonable (by my standards, at least). The only thing that annoyed me, somewhat, was that the prices were written onto the bags.. The picnic basket has its price written on one of the knobs (in thick blue marker) *grr!* But i still love it. (:

Blind Thrifting

Blind thrifting – that’s the kind of ignorant thrifting I did a a few years back at my church’s charity shop. Well not to say that I’m a pro at it… but having read more blogs and the ways of the wise I think I am better equipped as I plough through the rows and racks of clothes.

That said, my blindness/ignorance landed me a few goodies that I have only recently discovered to be real gems!

Mummy: MINE!
Top: Topshop
Belt: Alaia
Jeans: Levi’s
Heels: From Hong Kong

Alaia! I didn’t know who or what the hell Alaia was, but I was pretty sure the person who bought the belt must have been very ripped off because it cost S$790, and it came from this place called Glamourette… which kinda sounded dodgy and cheapy to me a few years ago hahaha.

Well I didn’t realise it was Alaia until my mum dug out the belt to wear today in the outfit (minus the heels cos she wore mary janes – she’s a florist).

And Glamourette is (or was) not the least bit dodgy/cheapy. Glamourette was a multi label boutique that used to be housed in the now-defunct Promenade, stocking designers such as Emanuel Ungaro and Thierry Mugler (according to yesterday’s copy of Urban).


Quite a gem it is. I love that it’s in suede (CAN YOU RESIST TOUCHING SUEDEEEE?? ((molests belt)) hahaha) and it has these cute woven ribbons peeking out randomly.

BUT. I cannot fit it. My monster of a waist is 2 inches shy of the first belt hole ):

Ever since my mum came home from Chicago she’s been copping our stuff and dressing exceptionally well (: And LC from Fops and Dandies is going to Chicago too! I’m one of the lurkers who never surfaced. I think I ought to, especially since she is gonna leave blogging behind.