Outfit bits
Wednesday 8 December 2010, 4:05 pm
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My outfit felt a bit disjointed that day at Topshop Knightsbridge’s pre-opening party, what with Christopher Kane x Topshop’s crocodile tee, a torn and tattered Cheap Monday oversized sweater, a really old pair of wedges… so I bring you photos in odds and ends.

Also, my sister’s adorable shoes.

Quick abrupt post, pretty much describes how I’ve been zipping around town and home today. And also, I most probably will be starting work next week! Whee!


Over-doing it
Monday 8 November 2010, 12:09 am
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Is it over-doing grandma/mama-san if I wear a ton of sequins and a glittery cardigan together?

If so, too bad for me cos I already spent the whole of last Thursday in it.

But in my bid to redeem myself, I’ve got on my new watch by Russian watchmaker, Aviator and Chanel’s Khaki Vert on my digits to match my suede tobacco PS1, which I love deeply (:

This way to Topshop | Topman >>>
Tuesday 5 October 2010, 2:11 am
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Topshop threw out all the stops with this one. Treating not just the select media posse, but also treating all the VIPs (i.e. Topshop/Topman top spenders) to an exclusive preview of the Fall/Winter collection. The stage was set at ION Orchard’s Level 8 Carpark with a whole section cordoned off for guests to roam free and soak in the atmosphere.

Silly me left school late, was held up by rush-hour traffic and arrived fashionably late. Therefore, MISSING the men’s showcase almost in it’s entirety.  ):

In addition, from what I gather… I also missed out on free alcohol/beer/coke/frozen yogurt/mini burgers and trail Minx nails being dished out to everyone there. (By the end of the evening, you could almost make out the words ‘FEED.ME!’ across my face. heh!)

Upon arriving, I then had to fight through throngs of crowds and angle past random heads in order to get decent shots of the models as they strut down the runway. Thank goodness my natural and ALDO-assisted height advantage got me a relatively good spot to bring you these snaps>

There were some simpler outfits such as this one, which is a lot more of my style (I suppose)

This model’s leather harness/strap thing looked really nice paired with this dress. Didn’t see it at the store though.

Anyway, consistently throughout the show, there were the usual fierce shoes that Topshop never fails to deliver.

In addition, there was a lot of lace and interpretations of lace on fabrics that felt luxurious without being stuffy.

Fur was another fun textural element recurring throughout the show… hats, coats, headbands and purses all had some fuzz, reminding me of Chanel’s 2010 Fall RTW Russian teddy-bear collection.

After the show, we were guided down to Basement 2 by the models, whom I am 99.9% convinced come from another planet altogether! Humans don’t come this tall do they?!

Here I am, 1.7 metres (which, I would say is above average already) AND in 3-inch ALDO wedges that evening. AND this model is still a good half-a-head taller than me!!! She comes from the planet of Glamazonia, where women are all beautiful, six-feet and stick-thin (in the healthy, proportionate sorta way)

Anyway, with my $50 complimentary voucher, I bought a buncha stuff from Topman for a friend. Didn’t get anything for myself. But accompanied Laila and Gigi to brave the MASSIVE queue to pay for their purchases. In total, I think it was at least a half-hour wait to make payment. /:

But everyone walked away unharmed and new purchases in tow…

while I got 7 blisters from being in my ALDOs all day.

While waiting, I tried on their thigh-high boots. Which required some wrestling and wriggling in order to squeeze my sasquatch-feet that are almost too big for their size 39s. Pretty as the shoes are, they are 20-second shoes… I could feel a blister forming as I strolled back and forth in them. /:

Topshop… do ya’ll make it in size 40? 😀  Anyway, I wore a metallic Nicholas top, pleated Abyzz pants, H&M necklace (gift from Jo), wood watch from T1 and, in this photo, Topshop boots.

Thanks Laila for the photos… I look so slim and long here. Happy!

Video of the final walks coming soon!

[Edited: 5 October 2010] Videos have been uploaded! You can watch Topman and Topshop final walks now!

The Alchemist
Friday 28 May 2010, 3:52 am
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Love her or hate her, Kate Moss has the divine skill of alchemy. Everything she touches turns to gold.

Ms Moss has collaborated with Topshop again and I’m quite sure its gonna be another home run. (WingTai read: KA-CHIING!!!)

These two pieces, the maxi dress and long sleeve knit top, are my favourite. Which is in such stark contrast to the knickers sets that kept appearing throughout the product range images.

Not that they are bad or anything. Like I found these 2 sets quite cute too.

I hope a substantial range comes to our sunny island (in time for the GSS :D)

Tuesday 6 October 2009, 12:38 pm
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I’m under the impression that large, bulbous things will mask even larger bulbous things (ie me and my newly enlarged self from non-stop gorging. I think I waste a lot of calories on bad food..).

But I think wrong.

Nonetheless, I love this black cardigan I got from H&M with sleeves that look like it’s breeding tumour cells.


Oops, sorry for the un-rotated pics.

When I got it, I was thinking maybe the volume on the sleeves will give an illusion that the bulk is you know… just the sleeves! Lol.

I’m still not sure about that but I lurve how it feels and how cute it looks. I feel like I can house mini hamsters (yes I know they’re already mini) hording food in their cheeks. Aw cute!


Black knit cardigan (with details I find difficult to describe), H&M. Long tank, Topshop. Pannelled jersey skinny pants, H&M. Tie-dye canvas bag, H&M. Yellow cutout shoes, Hong Kong Industrial Centre. Felt and metal findings neck piece, Hong Kong Industrial Centre.

Here’s my nyooly dyed hair, courtesy of my boyfriend! He was totally taken by the Kao Liese bubble/foam hair dye, cos dyes usually come in a thick, repulsive creamy consistency, which isn’t half as fun as this bubbly stuff.

I likey how it turned out. Think I’ll try something redder in a few weeks!

Also, look at the knee patch of the pants! I lurve. It’s got this quilting feel going on, even at the waistband, but I pull my top over to conceal my tum tum. Lol.

Do you feel disturbed when I say things like that?

Too bad!

Who Wore What Where When
Saturday 22 August 2009, 9:38 pm
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Here’s what Jo wore to Uniqlo’s press preview.


Striped dress, Topshop. Polka dot jacket in reverse colours inside, Church’s $1 thrift store. Bubble wrap and striped jersey neck thing, Bangkok.

Excuse my act cute face.

Oh clashing prints, how original. I just needed a confusing amalgamation of patterns to hide my burgeoning tummy… And bum, and fat legs.


Cool / Klutz

I’m not one to give fashion advice.. whatever goes for me! Neither am I one to be seeking fashion advice because what if I realise that I not just fail at fashion, but fail horrendously!

Still, I went to try out (alone – since Sarah is away in Israel), how the whole fashion aunt agony thing works…


Annie is a fashion advisor from the Topshop outlet at Marina Square and she will be in Tampines 1 giving away her two cents worth on fashion and style for you!

She’s quite a cool character I must say.

When I first saw the stone wash circle skirted overall from Topshop on the racks, I gagged. Punk rock Alice in Wonderland, anybody?

I like her outfit because she made me like the stone wash overall, the cream lace leggings don’t look like they belong to another heepsturrr, she’s wearing all the colours I’ve been trying to add to my wardrobe. I got a light wash denim shirt from Uniqlo and just loads of cream coloured stuff recently.

I was just wearing jeans, tee and a vest multi-wear vest from Baylene because critical thinking (managerial accounting – wtf?) during exams (yes on a Saturday!) call for comfy clothes.



Turns out fashion aunt agony isn’t very aunt agony at all. It’s more like a personalized shopping service.  You book an appointment with the fashion advisor, she gets ready some stuff she thinks you might like before you arrive. When you do, she shows all of these to you, then walk you about the shop as well to show you all the rest that’s on the racks and run you through the trends that are surfacing.

Sounds like something I’ll do when I marry a rich husband, make many tai-tai ( think socialite) friends, and play mahjong so much that I don’t have time to shop.

But this service still is pretty appealing because you get quite a bit of privacy and have no need to shove yourself in the crowd to get something.

Annie picked up a few pieces for me from the Memphis collection. Three looks – black embriordered dress, floral playsuit, and a bright roses prom skirt paired with a navy vest.


You must bear in mind that all these were a little overwhelming for me. The colours, the prints, and such a happy! background that I’m supposed to pose with.. Without my partner-in-crime, and not even my boyfriend!

But in the end I kinda went a little, “O well I don’t have such happy prints at home so I might as well go all out and pick myself something I’ll never wear and document my valiant attempt.”

So I picked out all these to wear. All at the same time.


On hindsight, I should have just gone with what Annie proposed cos I think I will look a little less ridiculous. A little less like a Hawaiian rice farmer-trishaw rider.


I should also have taken the shades that Annie offered so that no one will recognise me.

Tampines 1 is giving you a chance to get free style/fashion advice from Topshop and Topman’s Fashion Advisors! Simply produce a receipt from any outlet within Tampines 1 at the atrium and get the camera rolling. Last day tomorrow – 3 May!

Read more here and win stuff here.