Cream and Green
Sunday 31 January 2010, 4:48 am
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Sorry for the very un-creative title. It is an unearthly hour. I’m still up. Had a long day. Ought to be sleeping, but not yet.  And I have a mountain of things to do tomorrow.

Whats new?


Had to pick up a present from Ferragamo on Thursday, so dressed up a bit.

Checked dress from Salvation Army, trench coat from G2000, flats with bow detail from Forever 21, bangles from mom and Cambodia.

Realised that its not that bad wearing a trench, although only in the very sunny but yet completely air-conditioned interiors of Singapore.

And completely on a whim, I decided to paint my nails green! 😀

Colour in the photo is not remotely accurate but yeappers. Have been getting a lot of comments about the colour.

One friend thought I smudged the polish onto a sandwich cos the lettuce was the same shade.

Another said it reminded him of Poison Ivy, Uma Thurman’ s character in Batman.

I’ve already thought of the next colour. (:

ok. night. bye. sleep. zzz


Entrenched in the Past
Thursday 29 October 2009, 10:45 am
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I was looking through some old photographs and dug up these photos of a shoot I did with my friend, Steph.


Taken in the central business district on a Sunday morning. Raffles Place was very quiet, which all worked out since Steph needed the backgrounds to be un-busy. That was the fundamental criteria that her professor demanded for this photo series assignment.

These were taken pre-Wottoncool days, early early in 2008, and the strongest memory was that out of the blue (sky) it rained!

IMG_4409There! Proof! hahas. (:

The weather was very erratic that day and we kept praying that the heavens wouldn’t open up repeatedly and get in the way of shooting. Cos even when the weather was better, the sun would frequently hide behind the clouds and affect the light. (I don’t know how to describe it in photography lingo, so I shan’t try)

And, it you can’t already tell, there was no budget for the shoot. I was the model + helper + stylist + wardrobe. Steph doubled as creative director + makeup artist + hair stylist + photographer + wardrobe.


In this shoot, I’m wearing

Black dress – Steph’s
Khaki Trenchcoat – G2000, which I should wear more!
Sunglasses – Armani
Watch – Casio
Red embossed Wallet – Catherine Manuell
Black Slingbacks – (i can’t remember which) fleamarket