Uniqlo’s +J Fall/Winter 2010

A new collection of Uniqlo’s +J has been at 313 Somerset, and while the rest of the world have been taking all the previous collections hook, line and sinker, the fluffy coats and pressed shirts on the racks stay just the way they are over here. On the racks.

Sure, the clothes looks sleek and gorgeous in the campaign starring Raquel Zimmermann and in person, well-made and comfortable, but somehow we’re just not turning in money at the cashier. I’m not sure if it’s the weather or price (!!?!?!?) that’s keeping my fellow countrymen from picking them up because I can hardly speak for myself.

This shawl-collared wool jacket and long-sleeved shirt with a detachable, pleated placket are my favourites from Fall/Winter 2010. But! they didn’t make it home with me… since the former costs an arm and a leg at S$249.90, and while the latter is a delectable S$79.90, I’m still on the fence.

Maybe I just can’t get over how different it looks on Raquel Zimmerman and me. Maybe when the red stickers go on the price tags.

Made for all

There are a few reasons why I love Uniqlo. Among them is how affordable, wearable, well-made and innovative the clothes are.

And for a new reason, devastatingly beautifully repackaged and coming soon to a Uniqlo near you…

…the hot-bodied, curly-haired, super-suave male in Orlando Bloom typifying the Japanese brand’s pledge to be “Made for All” – more affordable, wearable, well-made and innovative clothes for us mall rats.

I can’t wait to see more of him with Charlize Theron. I remember when Utt was the face of Giordano in the early 00’s – I lingered outside the stores and gazed into this larger-than-life eyes. Now, I will do anything for my Legolas…

Picture credits to here.

Crave a Calendar

Following the success of UNIQLOCK

Which, by the way, is VERY distracting to have on your friend’s screensaver when you are trying your backside’s best to pay attention to a lecture.

Don’t you agree? 😀 So intriguingly, mind-numbingly addictive.

Now Uniqlo, an innovation forerunner brings to you the Uniqlo Calendar.

The Uniqlo Calendar comprises three elements – seasonal images, music and, of course, Uniqlo merchandise.

Its a very interesting concept and if there was something for my blackberry, I’d give it a shot. But since I do not have. Boohoo ):


You can download it onto your computer, iPhone (which I do not have), blog and facebook.


PS. Remember to set your location to Singapore!

Wottoncool @Uniqlo, Somerset 313

Bloggers were out in full force at Uniqlo’s From Tokyo to Singapore Fashion show at the Ritz Carlton and Somerset 313 store preview.

(Sorry readers, don’t have time to write an extensively long or elaborate post. I have to be in school by 8am tmr and I don’t know how I’m going to achieve that)

In the meantime, here are some photos! (:

Who Wore What Where When

Here’s what Jo wore to Uniqlo’s press preview.


Striped dress, Topshop. Polka dot jacket in reverse colours inside, Church’s $1 thrift store. Bubble wrap and striped jersey neck thing, Bangkok.

Excuse my act cute face.

Oh clashing prints, how original. I just needed a confusing amalgamation of patterns to hide my burgeoning tummy… And bum, and fat legs.



Following its unprecedented success of its queue-all-the-way-to-the-toilet opening at Tampines 1, Uniqlo is finally opening its first city store in ION Orchard. Woot!

I’m not sure if there will be queues snaking outside the store this time around since it’s the second opening. There really isn’t much corridor space and it’s really near the MRT entrance. But what with their crazy special prices for opening and all! Maybe you’ll have to wait behind the MRT gantries to enter the store.

It being the first city store apparently heralds a spruced-up layout and interior… like a black recess in the ceiling.


The interiors are still very Uniqlo, simple, sleek, well-lit, utilitarian, but most importantly, easy to navigate. I did not once lose sight of  the stuff that I spied upon entering the store 😀



The Fall collection is lots of plaid, plaid, plaid on plaid, plaid on plaid on stars, stripes, leather over plaid, fleece, fleece, stuff that looks really good for fall winter but really, stuff that I would think thrice wearing in Singapore. At this point in time I can only imagine how my the humid weather will turn my skin fleece-adhesive.

Not complaining about the collection, just THE WEATHER.

But anyway, we’re receiving the collection before Japan! Talk about novelty.

I think I must plan a trip overseas to somewhere where there actually is a fall and winter so that I can wear all the clothes that I’ll be accumulating this time of year.

The Neo-leather line made its worldwide debut in Singapore. A real treat and probably of some significance since we’re such a small country – but er, not Singapore weather-friendly eh? Sorry. Can’thelpit.


But anyway I couldn’t resist and got myself a jacket in an off-white-greyish colour.

It’s constructed with synthetic leather, yes it is soft,  fully lined, yes it is lighter than a real leather jacket, but yes it is still too bloody warm to wear in Singapore (despite the press release proposing otherwise…)

I think I will test-drive its wearability when school starts next week.

It’s available in black and brown and in the biker jacket style as well, but somehow the weird colour I got seemed the least synthetic-looking of all.

Think despite all my rants, I’ll still be making recurring trips to Uniqlo.

And HI Dinie, Nicole, Wen, Dottie and Melly! HI MELLY yes it was so weird seeing you but !!!

Tampines 1

The Boyfriend accompanied me to Tampines 1 on it’s first day open to the public.

(do you see where this is going?! 😀)


And like moths to a flame, we honed in on


where else?! Uniqlo! hahas.

I wasn’t present to witness the 10am opening mayhem. But! at 11.30am, the crowd was unrelenting.


There was a queue to enter (although it did move relatively quickly)


And at some points, the queue to pay snaked till outside the store!!

We were hungry so decide to catch lunch before braving the queues


Manpuku was where we ended up

Aptly called the ‘Japanese Gourmet Town’, it offers a wide variety of Japanese foods such as Udon, Ramen, Sushi, Sashimi etc.


You are basically spoilt for choice for gourmet Japanese foods (at gourmet prices!!)



salivating yet?! 😀


They’ve even gone through the painstaking efforts of recreating an old Japanese town ambience for diners.

So. What did I have for lunch?


Sho-yu Cha-shu Ramen (Soy Sauce Char Siew Ramen) $10.80

the chili flakes were my addition. And the staff was a little bit over-zealous with the soy sauce (save your kidneys, choose miso-based ramens)

The boyfriend had…


Mushroom soup $2.00. and Omelette $6.80.

and he also ‘secretly’ took photos of me eating. how glamourous?!


Anyway, after our meal, we walked about and I caught a glimpse of the pool that belongs to Amore Living. Then went to Uniqlo to look around.

Singaporeans were out in full force to storm the store.


And at this point, I’d like to observe a moment’s silence to express my sincere appreciation, apologies and condolences to the staff of Uniqlo. Who have to spend the whole day

  1. Standing – serving you at the cashier, attending to you in the fitting rooms, fielding your questions, searching for your size
  2. Folding – the items that are accumulating in mountains all over the store
  3. Being on their toes – to ensure that everyone leaves as a happy customer.

Having worked in sales for 2 years, the feeling is all too familiar.


And since I was there… I decided to add a few more items to my small (but growing :D!) collection.


My outfit for the day:

Denim vest: from my childhood
Metallic Tank top: nicholas
Sky blue shorts: Uniqlo
Canvas bag: Uniqlo
Shoes (not shown): Puma
In my arms: 2 tanks + 2 UTs + 1 shorts + Boyfriend’s UT

Prices were marked down because of the opening. I just had to. 😀

Plus! Because I had been to the shop on Monday, I already knew my size, thus avoided the need to use the fitting room completely. yes!

Content with my purchases, I explored the downstairs areas


Promod had the loveliest Fuschia pink harem pants for sale.


UrbanWrite by Popular just beckons!!!

But. Since it’s study week, I ought to be studying. So I did. I parked myself at Teadot.



With my Angel’s Breath tea…

And studied the afternoon away. (:

Titanic of a weekend

The Easter weekend is gonna be a busy one for both of us!


Thursday 9 April & Friday 10 April

Tampines 1
Opens TOMORROW! More retail and gastronomic goodness comes to the East (where neither of us live, but will frequent because of the great new concepts and new brands opening). Check out the Tampines 1 blog here and play the Spring to Life game to win vouchers or a Sony Vaio Notebook!

Need. We. Say. More. I’m going back on Thursday when it opens. I wanna change one of the pieces that I got on Monday. They’ve got 30 day exchange policy. Unlike most of the super ngiao (miserly) 3 or 7 days that local stores usually give. Isn’t that wonderful? (:


Be sure to get your daily dose of Uniqlo Surprise from here. You might win wallpapers, discount vouchers, or even a trip to Tokyo!

I only got the limited edition wallpaper today… Better luck tomorrow!


Click here if you wanna download it.


Saturday 11 April &  Sunday 12 April

The Flea Titan @ Mt Sophia
Why Titan? Because this flea promises to be the largest flea market ever (locally??? I’m not sure) as it congregates sellers from Singapore and KL for two afternoons of procurement of (potentially purposeful – if you convince yourself enough for some of the items) paraphernalia.

It will be held at Old School, 7 Mt Sophia. Pretty inaccessible by foot, if you ask me. Mostly due to the presence of never-ending slopes and stairs… but there will be shuttle buses to ferry lazy people (all fingers to Jo) from Plaza Singapura!

More information here.

My sister will be participating in this flea and she’ll be selling lots of delectable delights such as a pair of patent Doc Martens and some secondhand (but still very desirable) items. She kindly volunteered to help me sell some items too, so make sure you go down!

Take a look at what she’ll be selling here.


Then comes the less-than-savoury part of our weekend: Studying. Sarah’s got examinations and Jo’s got presentations next week. Boo.

This weekend is so much of a Titanic that we had to plan and write it out to sort out our thoughts. Still, we’re eagerly waiting for Fashionation‘s Things to Do this Weekend to add to our list! 😀

Did I just make you open nearly ten tabs on your browser? Bwahaha. What will you be busy with? (:

Black and Blue. Bag. Belt. Shoe

Apologies for the inexcusably unimaginative post title.

Study week is upon me and the immersion into Management Accounting concepts leaves me groggy and gasping for breath.




Almost nothing can dampen my day when I’m head to toe in Uniqlo! 😀


Yesterday was my virgin encounter with Uniqlo (I’ve not stepped foot into their stores overseas. merely heard/read numerous raves about it).

And their fabrics are heavenly!

Imagine buttery cotton jersey. Smooth to touch. Soft to hold. *melts* ((:

Top: Uniqlo
Skirt: Uniqlo
Belt: Alaia
Bag: Uniqlo
Shoes: Puma


And my shoes were purchased after the Puma Fashion Show some time back. I love the use of negative space. Feminine yet with a sporty edge. (And reasonably priced too!)

Ok! Back to the books!