Matambre Raw
Tuesday 14 September 2010, 1:30 pm
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Shortly after making this bikini number for the cover of Hommes Vogue Japan, designer Franc Fernandez was called up by the Gaga gang to whip together an entire look – dress, hat, shoes and matching clutch in Argentinian ‘matambre’ beef.

Yes. its made of real meat.

Looking at these pictures make me squirm at the thought of it’s smelly, sticky, bloody slickness. *shudders*

Can you imagine the dangling slabs of meat slapping against your leg as you walk? *eeewwwww…

Although both Franc Fernandez and Lady Gaga claim that it was comfortable, didn’t smell and wasn’t bloody (yeah right!)

Plans are for this dress to live out the rest of its, albeit short, life in ‘The Gaga Archives’ where it’ll slowly dry out and “jerky-fy”.

I just hope it doesn’t attract flies…

Picture credits: Mtv.com and AmyGrindhouse.com