Dusk to Dust

When my boyfriend showed me these photos he took while walking around Stockholm Central, we (or rather, I) gushed over the cute girl on the right – from her rounded bob, oversized collar, high-waist pants, how she rolled up her cuff and hems, the feather in her hair, her peep-toe slingback sandals that kinda remind me of my childhood pair…

When I was uploading and reviewing our photos, I was thinking.. all she’s wearing is brown! wow. And she doesn’t look like soil. She’s kinda like a vintage pocahontas, if that makes any sense.

Then I was editing the pictures and piecing them together for this post, and it just occurred to me that the lady beside her is drowning in blue. Top-to-toe. Neck-to-shin. Her kid. His stroller. I like her scarf, the length of her sleeves, her blunt bangs and blunt locks, her A-line skirt and her matchy-matchy son.

Isn’t the mark of wearing an all-over single colour well, the fact that people don’t notice it?

Alright you may say, vary tone, vary shade, vary texture, but I feel like I need guidance and tuition to pull off whole non-black looks like those two. I fear looking like a dirty fox beside a pool of muddy water in soil.

Photos by my boyfriend.

Colour bars

Long-sleeved button-down blouse, US$9.99, from VolenskaVintage/etsy.

When I was young I’m usually up early (even during the school holidays) and wait for the children’s programme to start showing at 9am. But before that, I’d be staring at the television colour bars with the radio broadcast over it, followed by the Majulah Singapura. And that signalled that Sesame Street was gonna be aired in right about………………. now!

High-waist long skirt, US$24, from momodeluxevintage/etsy. Button-back long-sleeved blouse, US$13, from theappleseed/etsy. Wooden platforms with canvas stripe trim, US$42.50, from Spelfenmeisje/etsy. Double-breasted blazer, US$25, from joannaknowsomethin/etsy.

Pretty nostalgic stuff, eh? Maybe that’s why I love these multi-coloured stripes so much. To look at. Not to wear. It’d probably look nicer on you than me.

Best thing? They’re all silk.

Me and my unadventurous self – I’ll be sticking with these: ( Yes! Silk too!)

High-waist bermudas, US$24, from theprivateparty/etsy. Striped belted shirt-dress, US$38, from maxandchichi/etsy.

Picture credits to here, here, here, here, here, here and here.

Grandma’s Brew

Ladiessss andddd Gents!

Here’s my mostest favouriterestest haul of vintage to date.

I’m giving them up cos
1) They don’t fit me
2) I don’t love them as much as I love my other pieces
3) I just did a wardrobe clearout and I swore never to hog
4) You love and wear vintage more than I do (:

So here they are, up for sale, priced at a prices I believe what vintage should be sold at – very very low compared to what you see in vintage stores. (>$60 WTF?)

I love their names! I love Tutti Fruitti Chicken Normandy most. It’s my favourite soup from The Soup Spoon too (:


Prim and Paisley Broth, $26
Paisley-print sheer shirt dress with sharp collar, long bell sleeves with cuffs, pleated chest and skirt, self-belt
Green multi, Chiffon
Underarm to underarm: 18″
Waist: 13″
Fits UK 6-8 best


Floral Folk Pho, $16, reserved for Zara
Floral sheer blouse with mandarin collar, keyhole at chest, yellow piping, long bell sleeves with cuffs
Dark blue multi, Chiffon
Underarm to underarm: 19″
Shoulder to hem: 24″
Fits UK 8-10 best


Teal-O Mil-O, $18, sold to Sarah
Graphic short jacket with foldover lapel, double-rowed buttons, wide kimono sleeves, cinched at waist
Black, teal, pink, Polyester
Fits UK 10 best


Cream of Cat and Mouse, $20
(no I don’t like cats or mice very much, but this is very cute :D)
Cat and mouse print sheer cardigan
Padded shoulders, upturned short sleeves, eyelet detail, arrow-shaped pockets
Peach multi, Chiffon
Fits everybody!


Too Cute Tutti Fruitti Chicken Normandy, $26, sold to Jansci
Pumpkin (!!! how rare) print v-neck sun dress with wooden buttons, pleated waist, hidden pockets
Deep red multi, Cotton
Underarm to underarm: 17″
Waist: 14″
Hip: 20″
Shoulder to hem: 41″
Fits UK 8 best


Hawaiian Five-O Gumbo, $26, sold to Grace
Flower and fern print sleeveless long jumpsuit with tortoise shell buttons, side tie at waist, cuffed hem, hidden pockets
Underarm to underarm: 18″
Waist: 14-17″ (adjustable with tie)
Hip: 20″
Fits UK 8 – 10 best

Free postage to Singapore. Add $2.24 for registered mail.
Payment by DBS/POSB ibanking or atm transfer only.

Email Jo at wottoncool@gmail.com with the subject: ” I WANT TO BUY (INSERT NAME OF ITEM)” to buy these!

Enjoy! (:

Twigs & Trunks

Today Sarah and I spent half the day together running around to different places.

14th-emirates-singapore-derby-4From Fash-Eccentric

Sarah kinda reminded me of Twiggy… The long legs and arms and skininess and hair and sunnies, mod shift dress and more skininess.

Dress from The Salvation Army, bag from Far East Plaza, heels from Charles and Keith.

So tall and picturesque!

While I am a goofy alibaba with a spy camera behind me.

Black tube top from Sophistix, red cropped vest from Sophistix, carrot tapered pants from Bysi, sequinned ballet flats from Pretty Fit, silk scarf (worn as necklace) from Mango.

I want a flying carpet!

(O btw guess who’s the trunk?)

Less Talk, More Action

That’s our mantra for a lot of things – attending driving lessons, going for our driving test (including maintaining a O_O face for maximum focus), studying, sometimes blogging…

So here we present you what we’ve got to offer to the 2 lucky readers who have entered the competition. It ends tonight! Hurry scurry!

Paisley print double breasted vest, Jim Thompson elephant silk tie, Jim Thompson teardrops silk tie, high-waist pleat-front tapered pants, brown sling bag, peter pan collared khaki jacket, cream and red silk tie




Teal double-breasted low front dress, Dior crimson silk tie, acid wash jeans, blue silk tie, floral georgette micro shorts, navy double breasted jacket with no lapels



How we’ve packed them to be hand-delivered (!)


Aren’t they pretty?!?!?!?! 😀



Competition is open till tonight.

See yall soon!

Vintage Escada

Just thought I’d share this vintage Escada jacket with everyone.

Probably from the 1980s, this white textured cropped-sleeve jacket with black piping is soooo lust-able!


Furthermore, the flowers that line the piping are individually sewn vinyl flower cutouts with a white bead centre as an accent.

No doubt some flowers have lost petals over time, and some flowers lost altogether…


I love it!

Even if it belongs to my friend. )):

Wish the Boyfriend’s mom would have clothes like these to give away! 😀

Bows & Bandits


I have a crush on the use of alliteration (as with many other things), I’m a sucker for cool names and I’m an admirer (not really wearer but trying to be) of vintage.

Sophie and Eva, sisters and vintage-lovers from Austria have an amazing eye for vintage, and among all the vintage schmazz that’s popping up on ebay and charging ridiculous prices they stand out, because they pride themselves as being Austrian and carry clothes that have a hint of Austria in all their wares.


It’s so nice to know that all these came from really interesting places like Sophie & Eva’s grandma’s closet and aunt’s attic. They also found some of them in little flea markets in the mountains. (!!!! I wanna go for a flea market in the mountains too. Sounds too cool.)



Usually vintage clothes go by era, like 50’s, 70’s, 80’s etc, but Bows & Bandits combine this with traditional Austrian garments or fabrics.

The dark emerald jacket in the picture is loden, which is a water-resistant fabric made from sheep wool, typically used in Austrian clothing. It has the cutest pleat sleeves and front button too!


These two are my favorites from Bows & Bandits. The green one is the above mentioned loden jacket.

I’m hoping they’ll still be in the store after new year’s because Christmas hasn’t been kind on the wallet and I must have bought at least 2 or 3 cardigans/jackets this month already. Yes I know it’s only 16 days into the month.

If you’re kind you can gift them to me 😀

I can’t wait to see dirndls and lederhosens in their store. Don’t know what they are? Go wiki!


Sophie is the one modelling the clothes in these photos and Eva’s the one behind the camera. Don’t they make superior eye candy in the photos? Great that they make use of the beautiful Austrian scenery in their shoot too.

Visit them at Bows & Bandits, or at their ebay store.

All in One

I haven’t been wearing anything vaguely exciting lately. At 32 degree celcius, I cannot bring myself to be bouncing around town in anything long, polyester, or layered. I can’t even drag myself out of the house to begin with!

So here am I in air-conditioned haven happiness that is my room, putting on three jumpsuits that I bought recently. Been having a slight obsession with these.

Vintage romper from Etsy seller Goodwiu
Tiger-stripes dress from H&M
Wooden beads necklace from Topshop
Big buckle belt from Zambesi

Vintage jumpsuit from Etsy seller Le Amor
Leopard pussybow top from Forever21
Printed scarf from H&M

Tube romper from My Room (worn like pantaloon pants too!)
Asymmetrical pintuck tank from Playhound at Tang
Pleather belt from Aldo

I. Need. Cold. Weather.