Crazy Colours

For a 21st Birthday Bash attended over the weekend, invited guests had to come dressed in the randomly assigned colours, as stated on the invite.

It was great to see (almost) everyone enthusiastic about the theme. The place was a psychedelic explosion of bright poster colour paints!

Unbeknown to the hosts, their food seem to sublimely follow the theme…picture-010

Sliced cucumber and avocado on a lime green plate.




Table candy & snacks



Perhaps the Polaroids can attest to how weird, wacky and wonderful the party was!

And to add to the wackiness, I felt it only fair to do something a bit different…


hahas. the headlessness is completely unintentional

But anyway,


Happy 21st, Hot Babes!! (:

One is the Loveliest Colour

I came across this freaky article from NY Mag.

It’s not five people you meet in heaven or something, it’s five people who wear just ONE colour, and maybe even one particular shade of a colour every single day.

I mean, I had a red phase, then a black phase… now I’m trying to be in a prints phase (lol), but these people must have a friggin medical condition!

The old lady dyes all her stuff in kelly green (read: GRINCH GRINCH GRINCH GRINCH!), the young lady is irked even if the soles of her shoes are not grey, another man will not go for an event simply because it says black tie, and he doesn’t wear black – only brown (ass wipe ass wipe!).

I think if I had any friends like that I would flip. What if at my wedding, black tie is an imperative, and he/she doesn’t usually wear black??


Chee Sin Mui

A while ago, Susie Bubble took on some wtf -fabric and labelled the entire look “chee sin mui”, which translates to crazy girl in Cantonese!

Sometimes people at home say that I’m chee sin, but never in the way that Susie Bubble looked – which was quite awesome! haha.

Here’s another chee sin mui moment

A very darling Carrie looking haphazardly and hazardously put together! Those booties she’s tottering on on slippery snow, that hugeeee fur coat and ditzy disco sequined cap all over pjs?

If you could see my face right now it looks something like -> o.0? complete with the question mark.

Well every now and then I get to play around with clothes and mannequins that don’t belong to me, haha. So here’s my !attempt! at the chi seen mui 😀

Okay somehow the chee sin-ness doesn’t comes across very well in the picture. Maybe you need to add a face and actions. You can try to imagine my o.0 face 😀

Soooo this is what went into it
1) Plain orange flutter sleeve top with stripe trimming
2) Floral print square neck sleevesless top with lace trimming
3) Stripe denim jumper dress
4) Braces from an orange high waist skirt with stripe trimming (tied in a bow)
5) Brown leather bag

Do you feel me?

ph34r t3h ch33 5!n! (fear the chee-sin! okay I’m sorry I go into bursts of 1337 sp34k [leet {elite} speak])

Wow, the last time I used that many brackets was in math.